I have...

I had Planet Coaster

I want...

I wanted Nier

Hey fellow gamers, I just wanted to warn you guys about a user that goes by the name of "Lame Lads"

We were supposed to trade the games I mentioned in the columns above, but unfortunately he decided to be that one person and never respond back when the code he sent was invalid. He unfriended me and deleted all his messages he sent on my trade post (that you can check out for yourself).

I have images of our conversation and a picture of his profile, but I can't post them here for some reason.
I will be more then happy to send anyone who wants to see a picture of his profile. He has many other names he goes by (a persona like this would). But I will post his steam ID below.

Steam ID: 76561198108591960

I just found out about this place and I have had a couple of great human beings who gave there word. The transaction were smooth and it was nice getting to know them a little. Unfortunately, there are many bad apples out there that still exist today.

Love all you gamers and I pray none of you have to go through this situation.


8 months ago*

give -REP https://www.steamtrades.com/user/76561198108591960 best way to warn future traders

8 months ago

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