I have...

1 set for each of your 1.10 sets of random cards
1 set for each of your 0.60 sets of random foil cards

What is Swap?

Your inventory filled with extra random cards? Swap all your cards for full sets which you have not crafted yet!

You’ll get 90% for your cards, e.g. 10 ready to craft sets for your 11 sets in any cards.
Foil cards are used in Swap will be calculated at a special rate.

Swap in one click!

Just send a trade offer by using this link. In a few seconds, you’ll have a new trade offer.
This feature works without adding a bot as a friend. Don’t add anything to the offer.

If something went wrong, and you didn’t receive a trade offer, use chat mode.

Chat mode. How to Use?

Add bot to your friends list. Using chat, type the command you need:

Commands: .
Swap Swap all your cards for full card sets.
SwapFoil Swap all your cards for full foil card sets.
Swap NoFoil Swap only simple cards.
Swap NoMarketable Swap only non-marketable cards.
Log Show how your cards were calculated in the last trade offer.
En / Ru / Cn Switch language.


The cost of each of your cards will be calculated depending on the amount of cards in the set.
5 cards from sets of 5 this is the same as 15 cards from sets of 15.

Foil cards will be calculated at a special rate: x1.75.

Always craft your sets in your inventory before trading.

7 months ago*

nice bot

1 month ago

yes nice bot

3 weeks ago

good bot if you only have cheap cards nobody wants

1 week ago

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