My brother and I really want Space Marine. We are willing to trade everything in our backpacks for two copies. Look up WaffleSlayer and archyboy.

Vintage: Huntsman, Force-A-Nature, Officer's Ushanka, Engineer's Cap

Genuine: 2x Pilotka, 2x Stahlhelm

Halloween Event: Silver Bullets (need to get from a friend), Dr. Gogglestache, The Legend of Bugfoot

Regular: Ghastlierest Gibus, Baseball Bill's Sports Shine, Large Luchadore, Fancy Fedora, 2x Manniversary Paper Hat, Foster's Facade, Googly Gazer, Tyrant's Helm, Napper's Respite, Alien Swarm Parasite, Stock Broker's Scarf

Metal: x32 Scrap Metal, x2 Reclaimed Metal, 1x Refined

Notable Weapons: Sun On A Stick, The Candy Cane

Crates: Look at ArchyBoy

All the hats and metal are on WaffleSlayer while only crates and some odd stuff are on archyboy. We are also able to get a Silver Bullets halloween item.

The preferable method of contact is to add either on steam.

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I can also throw in the Orange Box (gift)

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