I have...

Humble Monthly, PayPal

I want...

Referral, Civ VI, Bundle


I'm offering you a free monthly bundle minus Civilization VI.


You need to be a first time monthly buyer, or create a new account.
You must be in US or EU regions.


  • I'll send you $11.80 PayPal
  • You'll buy current $1 game bundle on your account and send me the gift links.
  • You'll click the referral link that I'll give.
  • Then you'll buy the monthly bundle for $10.80 with the coupon from $1 bundle.
  • You'll send me the Civ VI gift link.
  • You'll keep the rest of the monthly bundle and enjoy the 5-6 games when it reveals.

I can add you on Steam or we can use Reddit's chat feature

5 years ago

Still doing this with March bundle?

5 years ago

Closed 5 years ago.