• Titan Quest (German Steam Key, Humble THQ Bundle)
  • Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War - GOTY (Steam Key, Humble THQ Bundle)
  • King Arthur: Fallen Champions (2x, Steam Keys from GamersGate)
  • King Arthur 2: The Prologue Chapter (Steam Key from GamersGate)
  • Dota 2 (Tradeable Steam Gift)

Well, I was successful with my trades. Yay.

If anyone wants these games, just give me an offer.

No Dotas, No Ships - HIB 7 would be nice, but basically just make an offer of that you think it would fit.

Anyway, in 5 hours, I'll start giving these away on Steamgifts, so if there is anything that you're interested in, just give me a shout.

Best regards and happy whatever does not offend you!

1 decade ago*

Free bump for great trade!

1 decade ago

Great trader, everything worked fine. Definitely +rep!

1 decade ago

Bioshock (key)

The Basement Collection (key)

Cave Story+ (key)

Offspring Fling (key)

for king arthur

1 decade ago

Closed 1 decade ago.