So this is what I have:

33% Valve

50% Valve 2X

50% Anomaly: Warzone Earth

50% L.A. Noire

50% Shadowgrounds Survivor

50% Bunch of Heroes

25% Serious Sam 3

10% THQ

50% Nordic Games

I'm hoping any of this would be worth enough to someone to trade me any CityBuilder game on steam. When I say CityBuilder, I mean stuff of the SimCity/Ceasar/Tropico style. The only remotely similar game I own is an ancient PSX copy of Constructor and a copy of Popoulous 3, so I would take pretty much any.

As I said, I understand what I have isn't much, but I'm hoping on a chance that someone out there is interesting in buying several games these coupons apply to. You never know, right?

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