I have...

Resident evil 7 steam key ROW

I want...

13k CS GO keys
$26 PayPal
GTA V + Tales of Symphonia
Danganronpa 1 + 2 + Tales of Symphonia

6 months ago*

Hello, do you want Quantum Break for Resident Evil 7?

6 months ago

Sorry but Resident evil 7 is worth about 3x the worth of quantum break right now

5 months ago

resident evil 7 is 20euro , this is equal to 10k max
gtav is 23euro ( rs version )
nier is alot more then that
you can use dlcompare to compare the prices

so why you overprice your game!!! thief

5 months ago

Sorry your prices are wrong.
Please focus on your own trades, fix your "best prices you can get" and stop accusing.
It's rather pathetic that you came looking for my trades just because you didn't like my comment - thanks though :)

5 months ago*

Prey + Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack

5 months ago*

Closed 5 months ago.