Well I have the whole bundle of IndieGala June(except for Chester),
and I want to trade it for a copy of Terraria and Don't Starve(if you think if possible)

Thanks for reading.

1 decade ago*

i don't know
what games have D:? and are steam?

1 decade ago

Creatures: The Albian Years – DRM-Free
Pirates of Black Cove – Steam
Survivor Squad- Desura
Chester- Desura

Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection- Steam
Vessel + Original concept art- Steam
Aquanox- Steam
Painkiller: Overdose- Steam

Star Ruler- Steam
Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s new eyes- Steam
A New Beginning Final Cut- Steam
Swords of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition- Steam
X 2: Revelation- Steam
Sader Kings: Complete- Steam

1 decade ago

yes, it have all those games, and are on steam
except for Chester, 8 Bit Commando and Survivor Squad that are on Desura.

1 decade ago

add me

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