I have...

Mind Spheres
The Safeguard Garrison
The Dark Stone from Mebara

I want...


I prefer gems
Don't add me until we have an agreement
Have a nice day :D

11 months ago*

i have those :
10k GooCubelets Games Vol.1(bundle) : it gives you 3 games when you activate it
Lost Moon
Heaven Forest NIGHTS
Heaven Island
Dungeon Defenders II Otherworldly Spectre Pet

10 months ago

sorry, but currently i am not interested in those games

10 months ago


This comment was deleted 10 months ago.

10 months ago

and why would you want a game ?
you already have some games in your steam game library, go ahead and play those instead
this is not charity that I am doing, but that doesn't mean I don't give games away, I only give games to whoever I think deserves it
your -rep was because you asked for games from someone and thats isn't something you want to do here in steamtrade
everyone here wants to get free games but still this is a site for trading not asking for games
so my answer will be 'no' , I will not give your a free game unless it is a trade

10 months ago

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