Trading cards I have:

-1 Bastion Trading Cards (The Windbags)

-1 Offspring Fling! Trading Card (Hungry Gator)

-4 Psychonauts Trading Cards (Velvitopia Villians, Edgar, Lungfish Citizens, Sheegor)

-2 Zombie Driver HD Trading Cards (Racing Time, Chaos Time)

-4 Civilization V Trading Cards (Bismark, 2x Science, Washington)

-11 Awesomenauts Trading Cards (Clunk, Coco Nebulon, Genji the Pollen Prophet, 2x Voltar the Omniscient, Yuri, Derpl Zork, Ayla, Raelynn,Froggy G, Skoldir)

-4 Saints Row The Third Trading Cards (Nyte Blayde, Oleg Kirrlov the Brute, Pierce Washington, The Boss of the Saints)

9 years ago

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