I have...
Game Cards
- Arcane preRaise - Affliction (Arcane preRaise)
- Arcane RERaise - The Witch (Arcane RERaise)
Rage Parking Simulator 2016 White Car, Black Mat Car, Black Car
GooCubelets BlueCubelet, VioletCubelet, YellowCubelet
GooCubelets: The Void Trouble in The Way
Barclay: The Marrowdale Murder Inspector Wolf Burton, Detective Bill Barclay, Luke Marrowdale
GooCubelets: OCD Purple Construction, Island, Goo Peninsula
SQR Right SQR 2x2
Invasion Beautiful crystal, Robo-friend, Alien omelet, Lovely gun
Inevitable Acid Barrel, My Bomb, True Boomer
Hardnoid Serious infections, All pill is cool
Hunahpu: Way Of The Warrior God of death - Ah Puch, Mais Revived, Vislipuzli
Last Answer Playing with fire!
Random Journey Badge Ogre, Werewolf
Resfort Bright Bonfire
SQR Right SQR 2x2
Who's your Santa!? chimney
GooCubelets: The Algoorithm Space Rock
Bloodbath Kavkaz Volnov 2x, Golden Eagle Soldier
Tumblestone Sea Queen 3x, Queen of Hearts, Prom King, Dancing Queen, Rock King
I want...
Game Cards
Uncrowded Sunny day, Loot
MontaSayer Elixir of strength, Book of magic
Fruit Sudoku Coconut, Pineapple
GooCubelets GreenCubelet, RedCubelet, THE MEGAPUZZLE
My Super Tower 2 Cold Tower, Ground Tower
SnakEscape Home, Fountain
Trashville Zombie Eagle, Zombie Shark
Turn Around Closed Chest, Blue grass
Western Adventure Jenny, Wild Joe
15 defense Octopus
Fruit Sudoku Coconut, Pineapple
Dispatcher Pilot,
Itineris Go Up!, Need more levels!
Last Answer Who is it?
My Super Tower 2 Cold Tower, Ground Tower
Tapocalypse Always ready!
SnakEscape Fountain, Home
Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again Cyclo Twins, Gideon, Stone Guard
Under Zero The mystery of the disappearance, Red light
Stigmat Bag with coins, The Key To Freedom
Russian Horror Story Babka, Gopnik
Hard Room Serious Hardie, Robot-Jew, Help
Sleengster Buzz Lunatic
GooCubelets 2 Smash the Goo, It'a Raining Goo, Change Your Direction


Not-Marketable 1:1 Not-Marketable (W)
Not-Marketable 1:2 Marketable (W)
Marketable 1:3 Not-Marketable (W)

for 5 cards of set = 1 card 100 gems
for 6 cards of set = 1 card 84 gems
for 7 cards of set = 1 card 72 gems

1 year ago*

Torch Cave 2 Badge

Walls That Kill
Not Even a Spark
Jumpy Start
Brilliant Bob:

Hippie Bob
Ninja Bob
Gentleman Bob x2
GooCubelets: OCD

Goo Peninsula

They Came From The Moon

Lonely alien


1 year ago

I can take two of your Why so evil 2 : dystopia cards, and one of your why so evil cards (whichever you want)
in exchange for three of my nonmarketable cards. Look at my bot to see if there are three non marketable cards you want:

Tell me which cards you want, in exchange of which ones, and I'll do the offer.

EDIT: also https://steamcommunity.com/id/VanillaBot (not my bot) can trakde you non marketable cards 1:1, even from different sets.

1 year ago*

I traded all my cards with vanilla you can get from him. thank you for giving info

1 year ago

how much on gems each?

1 year ago

90gems per card for Beast Blaster and Zombie Boom

1 year ago

i'll take bluebeast for 90 gems, add me

1 year ago

I have non marketable cards for these games:

  • Blood of old
  • Far space
  • Fruid soduku
  • Goo cubelets 2
  • Goo cubelets ocd
  • Goo cubelets The Algoorithm
  • Goo cubelets the void
  • Omega one
  • Pressure
  • Sweater ok
  • Sleengster 2
  • Space journey
  • The Last Photon
  • The Safeguard garrison
  • Torch Cave
  • Torch Cave 2
  • Trashville
  • Trinium Wars
  • Universe in Fire
  • Why so evil
  • Why so evil 2
  • Zen vs Zombie
  • Zombie boom

ill take 90 gems per nm card, or 500 for foils if you want those.

4 months ago


This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

3 months ago

I have that Absconding Zatwor and 2 of the Dispatcher cards you want, can trade for gems

3 months ago

Or the following Invasion cards: Alien omelet, Run away, Laser

3 months ago

Hello, I offer you 15 gems for every non marketable cards !
check my post if you are interessed

3 months ago

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