I have following coupons I want to trade for coal:

50% Valve
25% Valve
50% THQ
50% Frozen Synapse
50% Costume Quest
25% Square Enix
60% Victoria II
33% Renegade Ops
50% Gratuitious Space Battles
50% GRID

I'm looking for coupons for these games:

Sonic Generations (or SEGA coupon)
Might and Magic: Clash of heroes (or Ubisoft coupon)
Trine 2 (or Frozenbyte coupon)
Space Pirates and Zombies
Witcher 2

Leave a message with the offer on how much coal/how much of a discount on the coupon you're willing to trade. Optionally I can trade all the coupons for 1 of the mentioned games.

1 decade ago*


1 decade ago

Interested in a coupon -25% Ubisoft for 1 coal?

1 decade ago

I'm only trading coupons for coupons, not giving away coal, sorry.

1 decade ago

50% valve for 50% Frozenbyte Collection?

1 decade ago

Already got the Collection. And Trine 2's not even listed there.

1 decade ago

Closed 1 decade ago.