I have...
  • 2-days Xbox Live Gold code
  • 7-days Xbox Live Gold code

They can't be added to an existing Xbox Live Gold suscription

I want...
  • PayPal or TF2 keys. This are the prices:
Trial PP TF2 keys
2 days 1€ 1
7 days 2,50€ 2

In case of PP, I prefer euros since there are not fees. If you aren't from the EU region you'll have to cover the fees.

Write a message here before adding me. I won't accept friend requests from private profiles if they don't write a message here before.


You can find my real Steam profile clicking on my Steamtrades name and then clicking on 'Visit Steam profile', under my feedback.

My Steam profile is lvl 82, I have 654 games, +6800 achievements unlocked and my profile ain't private. Be careful.

2 months ago*

Do you also have Xbox Gamepass for PC codes? (:

1 month ago

No, sorry.

1 month ago

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