Getting rid of items...
Craftables: Strange Escape Plan, 2 Scraps, 1 Refined, Danger Shield,Soda Popper, Powerjack, Ullapool Caber, Bonk, Razorback, Vintage Ubersaw, Vintage Kritzkrieg, Strange Crusader's Crossbow, Strange Degreaser, Strange Equalizer, Strange Syringe Gun x2
Hats: Saxton Hale Mask, Sniper Mask, Ye Olde Baker Boy, Frenchman's Beret
Misc: Legend of Bugfoot
Crates: Series 31, Series 32 (x3) Series 33
And a bunch of uncraftables.
Sorry if I did anything wrong... first time here. Any offer is ok I guess...

9 years ago

Closed 4 years ago.