Just as title says, my want list is down lower in thread and I'm open to offers. I really want Kinect sports digital code or kinect games/Arcade Games. I would also be willing to trade for Microsoft Points. Please feel free to pm if you are out of posts.

Games I have for trade:
-1000 amps
-AI War fleet commander
-Aliens Vs. Predator (x2)
-Atom Zombie Smasher
-Borderlands GoTY
-Dino D-Day
-Killing Floor (x2 base game and complete)
-Saints Row 2 (x2)
-Section 8 Prejudice + DLC (x2)
-Titan Quest Gold

Games I want:
-Batman AA
-Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood
-Xbox 360 Digital Codes or Microsoft points
-Microsoft Points

I have 20 Refined Metal for team fortress 2 also

I mainly want Microsoft points or paypal.
No indie bundle keys (I have indie gala 2 and be mine bundles for trade also)
No valve games ( I own them already )

1 decade ago*

I'll sell you a $20 Micosoft Store code (that can be used to buy 1600 MSP) for $17 worth of Steam games (Portal 2 and Garry's Mod)

1 decade ago

u should check my offer, i might have interesting games for u...and i need mspoints

1 decade ago

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