I have...


It seems I have some gems I can spend to get new games!
You can find below the prices for games I'm buying:


Games Prices
Games Without Cards 300 Gems
Games With Cards Idle

I'm only buying Steam games, no Gog, no Itch, just Steam!
Use this link to compare your list of games with my library!
I'm trying to reach the 13° game collector in Italy so any game is accepted xd

Below you can find some of the latest bundled games I'm missing!
(it may not be up to date)


I want...

2022 Feb 05 - [Indiegala] Smart Move Bundle

Carebotz, GAI Stops Auto: Right Version, Hidden Islands, BOT.vinnik Chess: Combination Lessons, BOT.vinnik Chess: Winning Patterns, BOT.vinnik Chess: Opening Traps, BOT.vinnik Chess: Early USSR Championships, BOT.vinnik Chess: Mid-Century USSR Championships, BOT.vinnik Chess: Late USSR Championships

2022 Jan 29 - [Indiegala] Fancy Worm Bundle

Vektor Z, The Best BJ, Poggers, Rock 'N Roll, Laser Ball, FAN'CIE VEER! (Fish Are Nasty, Cake Is Excellent Vektor Evading Emblazed Rapture), Nerm the Worm, Solo ReflectioN!

2022 Jan 26 - [Indiegala] Fancy Worm Bundle

Vektor Z, The Best BJ, Poggers, Rock 'N Roll, Laser Ball, FAN'CIE VEER! (Fish Are Nasty, Cake Is Excellent Vektor Evading Emblazed Rapture), Nerm the Worm, Solo ReflectioN!

2022 Jan 23 - [Indiegala] Beautiful Memory Bundle

Easy hentai puzzle, Hentai beautiful girls, Hentai beautiful girls 2, Woman's body, Woman's body 2, Woman's body 3, Girls on puzzle, Easy hentai puzzle 2, Girls Memory Card, Woman's body, Woman's body 2, Woman's body 3, Hentai beautiful girls, Hentai beautiful girls 2, Easy hentai puzzle, Woman's body: For adults, Woman's body: For adults 2, Woman's body: For adults 3

2022 Jan 14 - [Indiegala] Exotic Riddles Bundle

Miss Furry

My Stepmom is a Futanari, Femboy Besties, Hentai Girl Sets, Neko Hacker+, Kawaii girls puzzle, Hentai exotica, Hentai exotica 2, Riddle Girl, Hentai Chicks, Hentai Chicks 2

2021 Dec 24 - [Indiegala] North Pole Bundle


The North Pole, Hoser Hockey, Icycle: On Thin Ice, Legend of Chilli Tree, Toy War - Cannon

2021 Dec 23 - [Indiegala] Holiday Madness Bundle

ExtraGalactica, Dark Forest, Converter, Russian Drunken Boxers 2, Rebellion Gaia, OkunoKA Madness

2021 Dec 01 - [GMG] Holiday XP Pack

99Vidas, Anomaly 2, Beat Cop, Beyond Eyes, Dead Age, Escape Dead Island, InnerSpace, Next Up Hero, Out of Reach, STASIS, Super Cloudbuilt

Shape of the World, Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command, Air Guardians, Damnation, Puzzle Chronicles, Quarantine, Re:Turn - One Way Trip, Rocket Knight, Shattered Haven, Skybolt Zack, Stable Orbit, Strike Buster Prototype, Table Top Racing: World Tour, The Black Death

2021 Dec 01 - [Tiltify] Yogscast Jingle Jam 2021

Project Winter, Embr, Northgard, Murder by Numbers, Hyper Light Drifter, Just Die Already, Pathway, Witch It, Ultimate Chicken Horse, The First Tree, The Void Rains Upon Her Heart, Barony, Helheim Hassle, The World Next Door, Anodyne 2: Return to Dust, Sizeable, Pankapu

Wildermyth, Heaven's Vault, Golf It!, Empyrion - Galactic Survival, Scoot Kaboom and the Tomb of Doom, Urban Trial Tricky, Make Sail, Samurai Gunn, Radical Rabbit Stew, Hearthlands, XTHRUST, OCO, Jumpala, PictoQuest, Four Sided Fantasy, Disc Room, Clustertruck

2021 Nov 24 - [IndieGala] Black Lustday Bundle

Lustful Valley

Neko Hentai Girl, Hentai Girls - Anime Puzzle 18+, Seductive Tombs, Hot Swap, Jixxaw: Party Time, Flirtatious: Fallen Angels, Seductive Tombs: Beach Love, Hot Swap: Cyberlust, Escape from the hospital

2021 Nov 17 - [IndieGala] Cyber Motion Bundle

Crash Drive 3, Cardinal Cross

Cybermotion, Last Week, PolyClassic: Wild, My Jigsaw Adventures - A Lost Story

2021 Sep 28 - [GMG] Fall XP Pack

STASIS, Out of Reach

Strike Buster Prototype

2021 Jun 23 - [GMG] GMG Packs (1-16)

Tower 57, Beat Cop, Beyond Eyes, Next Up Hero, InnerSpace, Super Cloudbuilt, Dead Age, Teleglitch: Die More Edition, Magicka, Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword, War Tech Fighters, Space Ribbon, Aporia: Beyond The Valley, Peregrin, The Little Acre

Biozone, Rocket Knight, Puzzle Chronicles, Quarantine, Stable Orbit, ADR1FT, LEGO Batman: The Videogame
8 months ago*

Heya! Could you help me idle these games from the Jingle Jam bundle?

  • 12 is Better Than 6
  • Farm Manager 2018
  • Crowntakers
  • Regions Of Ruin

If yes, send me a friend request! :D

8 months ago

Friend request sent! ^^

Edit: Idling

Edit: Completed

8 months ago*

Heya! Added ya again to idle these games from the Jingle Jam bundle! :D

  • Fling to the Finish
  • Murderous Pursuits
7 months ago


This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

7 months ago

Heya. Uh, I've already had my games idled though.

And also it isn't a good idea to hijack other people's threads like this ^^;;

7 months ago

hello, i am indiegala trader

look my thread if u are interested: https://www.steamtrades.com/trade/FZd9W/h-indiegala-bundles-leftovers-w-paypal

5 months ago

I've got these items which appear as un-owned when comparing to your account, if you're interested in any?

  • 2D Neon Cube
  • 3D Tower
  • Achievement Hunter: Alien
  • Achievement Hunter: Begins
  • Achievement Hunter: Chef
  • Achievement Hunter: Cromulent
  • Achievement Hunter: Darkness
  • Achievement Hunter: Darkness 2
  • Achievement Hunter: Dogger
  • Achievement Hunter: Foxy
  • Achievement Hunter: Gnom
  • Achievement Hunter: Kiborg
  • Achievement Hunter: Offensive
  • Achievement Hunter: Overdose
  • Achievement Hunter: Pharaoh
  • Achievement Hunter: Princess
  • Achievement Hunter: Punk
  • Achievement Hunter: Samurai
  • Achievement Hunter: Scars
  • Achievement Hunter: Thief
  • Achievement Hunter: Urban
  • Achievement Hunter: Urban 2
  • Achievement Hunter: Wizard
  • Achievement Hunter: Zombie
  • Achievement Hunter: Zombie 2
  • Achievement Hunter: Zombie 3
  • Adventures of Heroes
  • All That Remains
  • B.A.E
  • Circle Pong
  • Cludbugz's Twisted Magic
  • Cornflakestein
  • Crankies Workshop: Bozzbot Assembly
  • Crankies Workshop: Grizzbot Assembly
  • Crankies Workshop: Grizzbot Assembly 2
  • Crankies Workshop: Lerpbot Assembly
  • Crankies Workshop: Whirlbot Assembly
  • Crankies Workshop: Zazzbot Assembly
  • Cubic
  • Cuco
  • Dad's coworker
  • The Dark Maze
  • Deep Ones
  • Depth Siege Atlantis
  • Destination Dungeon: Crypts of Warthallow
  • Digit Daze
  • Dima Rescues Ira
  • Dots
  • Dragon Perception
  • Draw_Love
  • Escape
  • Fitzzle Mighty Bears
  • Food From The Sky
  • Go Kart Survival
  • Golden Fever
  • Golf Extreme
  • Golf Extreme
  • Half Past Impossible
  • Headache
  • House of Evil
  • Kicking Kittens: Putin Saves The World
  • The Last Hope
  • Let's zig zag
  • Math Problem Challenge
  • Math Speed Challenge
  • Morendar: Goblin Slayer
  • Nash Racing 2: Muscle cars
  • Need For Gowna
  • Pain Train PainPocalypse
  • Poultry Panic
  • QLORB 2
  • Slabo?
  • Solar Battle Glargaz
  • SQR 2
  • Squares
  • StickmanKiller of Apples
  • Symbiotic Overload
  • The Art Of Knuckle Sandwich
  • The Last Hero
  • Unite Cell
  • Violent Vectors
  • Warp Rider
  • World Inside Out
  • Z69
5 months ago

Hi! I can take:
2D Neon Cube
3D Tower
All That Remains
Dad's coworker
Deep Ones
Dragon Perception
Go Kart Survival
House of Evil
Nash Racing 2: Muscle cars
StickmanKiller of Apples
The Dark Maze
The Last Hero
Unite Cell

unfortunatly I already have the others :c

5 months ago

I added you

5 months ago

You have barter account? I can offer games without cards for gems

5 months ago

I think I have a barter account but I don't use it :c

5 months ago

Closed 4 months ago.