Message me if you’re interested in any of the games I have, which are listed below.


Galactic Arms Race

Delve Deeper +DLC


Air Buccaneers

The Adventure of Shuggy

Dungeons: The Dark Lord

Eschalon Book II

Party of Sin

Men Of War Assault Squad DLC Pack

King Arthur Complete Collection

Greed: Black Border



iBomber Defense Pacific

WANT- Offers, Left 4 Dead, Bioshock 2, Red Faction Armageddon, TF2 Keys, or anything on my wishlist.

1 decade ago*

Was going to ask if you had any other games to trade for Bioshock, but I changed my mind after your attitude.

1 decade ago

Yeah first off I have Bioshock already which I got for free, from steamgifts, secondly I changed my mind after you posted you wanted to trade something on my page then traded with someone right after, dont worry I wouldnt trade with you even if you wanted to now, learn how this site works before you go around being stupid.

1 decade ago

FWIW, I posted on your page long before I got the game. Being new =/= being stupid. I did read the site guidelines, and the removal of posts after a trade is not mentioned. Keeping track of posts with no replies is also difficult.

Instead of being rude, you could've just mentioned the way people generally do things around the site and ended at that. I would have fixed my mistake, apologized for that, and thanked you for taking the time to help a new-comer.

Instead, you managed to lose future potential trades. Anyway, good luck with your future trades.

Free bump for you!

1 decade ago

lol I lost zero potential trades, so you not knowing wtf your talking about seems to be a theme here, Get a life.

1 decade ago

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