I have...

Guild Wars: Eye of the North expansion unused cdkey

note: this is NOT for activating on Steam. and you cannot create a new GW account with it since it is an expansion (not a standalone game). to use it you login to your current Guild Wars 1 account that already has either GOTY/Prophecies/Factions/Nightfall and add this access key to your existing account.

  • Guild Wars: Eye of the North requires an existing paid account for Guild Wars, Guild Wars Factions, Guild Wars Nightfall, or Guild Wars Trilogy.
I want...

4 CS:GO keys or equiv

GW: EotN, Guild Wars, Eye of the North

1 year ago*

can give you 2 tf2 keys on it.

1 year ago

3 tf2?

4 months ago

ok add me, please understand that this is an expansion key like stated above, you need a working GW1 account to add this key, it is not added via Steam but in-game.

4 months ago

Closed 3 months ago.