Trade done now , i want to conserve he as a friend but he spam me everytime making my life impossible
Multiple accounds etc..

Cant put negative review because trade went "enough good" a 5/10.

So, grow up kid

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+rep very very good bot :) very friendly owner that gave me some extra sets :) Bought 600 Sets for 40 Keys!

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  1. Main account (Bot owner) attempted to sell me a bot for csgo keys, gave him cd key as thanks on top for his time. I bought the keys from the market later to find he resold the card bot from another person without permission and paty unfriended myself. Now I have 15 untradeable csgo keys and a loss of a game and my time.
  2. This is a second account for this profile: /
  3. Keeps spamming steamtrades (3 trades x 2 Accounts of the same trade)
  4. Multiple Accounts is against TOS see here: "Users are limited to one account per person, and accounts should not be shared."
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