+rep.reliable new trader.

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+REP nice and fast Trade

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negative because he used my key and did not send his.

liar is you, I gave the key and you went and used it and said it was used

He is a shameless liar.

put the screenshot there then the whole conversation from start to finish, as I have the screenshot here to prove too.

I exclude you from steam because I did not find it right what you did, so I said I was going to leave you negative, and you came quickly on my profile to exclude a reputation that you gave me as positive for not finding you, but I went faster and left negative.

Logic, you had used my key, as you are hypocrite. Put the conversation.

Congratulations on cutting the conversation, and even had the audacity to edit the conversation. xD

I will not argue any more, because here is not chat for that, the warning is that this guy is deadbeat.



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He gave used key and pulled me off the list of friends.I have screenshots.He's a liar.I told you everything but you just pulled me.We had previously traded with you.I don't know why you did that.I didn't want to experience this.I didn't edit the conversation and I just shared important places.


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Thanks for the giveaway :)

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