I have...

From the Humble November Monthly:

  • 11-11 Memories Retold
  • Evergarden
  • SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising

HB gift links or Steam keys, whatever you prefer.

I want...
  1. TF2 keys
  2. CS:GO keys
  3. ToDs
  4. Games. I‘m mainly looking for these (also can take a look to my wishlist and followlist):
  5. Offers. Let me know what you have (avoid free games because I already own all of them).

I don’t accept trading cards or gems.

Write a message here before adding me. I won't accept friend requests from private profiles if they don't write a message here before.


You can find my real Steam profile clicking on my Steamtrades name and then clicking on 'Visit Steam profile', under my feedback.

My Steam profile is lvl 78, I have 630 games, +6200 achievements unlocked and my profile ain't private. Be careful.

2 weeks ago*

Clicked on your wishlist but it comes up empty - is that correct?

2 weeks ago

Hi Gallifrey, clone of trenzalore on Steam, Lyzander 77 on Steamtrades.

No, my wishlist isn't empty - check again :)

2 weeks ago*

Not sure what you are on about with your name but that is irrelevant I guess.
Checked your wishlist again - still comes up empty for me. I took a screenshot but unsure how to share it with you here as I normally only swap on Whirlpool where it is fairly easy to attach files.

2 weeks ago

IDK, contact with Steam support.

2 weeks ago

Ok. Thank you. Maybe it is my settings.
Have a great day. And thank you for the help.

2 weeks ago

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