I have...

Unknown Package 4338

I want...

TF2 Keys

open to all offers
may take gems, not guaranteed and depends on your rate
tour of duty tickets (2 tods = 1 tf2)
csgo keys could potentially be accepted, though will not make offer, you need to make offer

buff.163 balance:
you must be informed on how to transfer buff.163 balance because i have no idea how it is transferred.

steam gift offers:
all gift offers welcome, but not trading to profit traders, can do 1:1

for steam key offers:
all game offers welcome, but not trading to profit traders
you must agree to allow me to resell your games
you must be a very reliable trader to give game offers, however if you don't have a high rep i can consider gift links from any well respected steam key site (humble, fanatical, indiegala)

Paypal offers are welcome. I am from Canada, so if you are trading from Canada you will have no fees. I will try to keep the price as fair as possible, but I may need to raise the price a little bit because I will pay fees. If you pay fees you can ask for a lower price than i ask for.

Feel free to add me on steam after posting here. I will respond to you much faster if you do so.

Triple check that the steam account you are trading with is this one: https://steamcommunity.com/id/jayden000001/

if you are not trading with that steam account you will be scammed. I will not add you without responding to your post. I am not responsible for any losses that were caused by an impersonator adding you.

all bumps were done by a real human, not a bot.


join my steam group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/CHINGWAHMEDIAGROUP

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