I have...

Euro PayPal (PP)
I prefer EU users because there are no fees (and I won't pay any fees, if any).
Will go first for users with at least 100 positive reps and 0 negative reps
Will prefer to pass on trading with users that have bad reputation (2-3 and more negative reps)

I want...

Any CS:GO except Hydra (can take multiple, list your stock)

I am Steam Level 384 so make sure you check out who you're trading with!

7 months ago*

Hello, interested in buying me 3 tier 1 bundles https://www.humblebundle.com/games/tinybuild-bundle-2019?
that cost 3$ for 2 csgo keys?

2 days ago

hey there! i could do it but only if the keys are Danger Zone Case Keys

2 days ago

ya sure

2 days ago

30 CS:GO keys for 50 Eur Paypal?

15 hours ago

hey there! my best offer i can have for you is 48 euro PayPal for 30 cs:go keys (1.60 euro per key)

15 hours ago*

its ok, added!

13 hours ago

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