I have...
I want...

2 TF2 keys each game

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Watch out for impersonators and be sure that you are trading with me: 70+ level, 2300+ games owned, 11 years of service.

4 years ago*

Hi, some games I have that you don't (correct me if I'm wrong) - Would you do $2 in cards, or 1 TF2 key?

Best Time Kill
Cat Defense
Cyber Rage: Retribution
Etherlords I & II
Macdows 95
Mini Motor Racing EVO
Numen: Contest of Heroes
Roombo: First Blood (Justice Sucks)
Wizardry 6 & 7

4 years ago

Hi, thanks for the offer, but I'm looking for cheaper games. How many cards for just Macdows 95 + Mini Motor Racing EVO?

4 years ago

Yeah I know, these are all pretty cheap, and I would love to get rid of them. I can take out Inquisitor, Roombo, Wizardy, and Etherlord. Can you give me an offer on the others though, I'm willing to negotiate. To answer your question, I'd be willing to get around 15-20 cards for those, my pick of cards, if that's ok.

4 years ago*

I'm sending an invite.

4 years ago

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