I have...

I want to get rid of my complete gift inventory. All Items with a couple of removed games, software and dlc. My inventory is public so you can visit it if you want here: https://steamcommunity.com/id/cloonaid/inventory/#753_1 any questions? Feel free to ask them below.

Here is the complete list:

[Removed Software]
Unknown package 32067 (Music Creator 6 + Sound Pack Bundle)
3DMark Vantage Advanced Full Package

[Removed Games]
Unknown package 33318 (Aerena - Clash of Champions - The Turn Based Arena Combat Game)
Attrition: Nuclear Domination
DarkBase 01
F-1 drive (2 Copies)
Project Night
The Slaughtering Grounds
Star Trek

[Removed DLC]
I, Mayor: Become the Mayor of Fortune's City

[Removed Video]
Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock

My Family Creative Studio

A grande bagun├ža espacial - The big space mess
ARMA: Cold War Assault
Call of Tomsk-7
Down To One
Frozen Synapse Prime
Minion Masters (2 copies)
New kind of adventure
NotTheNameWeWanted (3 Copies)
Playing History 2 - Slave Trade
SPORT1 Live : Duel
Super Hipster Lumberjack
Tropico 4 Collector's Bundle
Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov's Revenge

Darkness Assault - Extra guns (DLC)
Darkness Assault - New Costumes (DLC)
Darkness Assault - Soundtrack (DLC)
Invite the Dwarves to Dinner (DLC Fortune's Tavern: The Fantasy Tavern Simulator!)
Miniature Gods (DLC Fortune's Tavern: The Fantasy Tavern Simulator!)
PAYDAY 2: A Merry Payday Christmas Soundtrack (DLC 2 copies)
QUALIA 3: Multi Agent Soundtrack (DLC)
Reboot Soundtrack (DLC)

[Collectible Steam Gifts that don't actually work anymore]
Arma 3 Alpha Lite - Gift Copy - Expired (4 Copies)
Dead Island: Epidemic Beta Gift
Steam Trading Card Beta Access - Extra Copy
Super Monday Night Combat (5 Copies)

I want...

60 CSGO Keys/TF2Keys (Or make an offer i cant refuse)

(I DON'T accept Operation Hydra Case Key, Community Sticker Capsule 1 Key or CS:GO Capsule Key)

4 months ago*

Hi added for trade Steam Trading Card Beta

3 months ago

Tropico 4 Collector's Bundle
Steam Trading Card Beta Access

How much keys for these?

2 months ago

2 Keys for both together.

2 months ago

I have so many *spektrum 2 cases i can sell them

2 months ago

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