I have...
I want...

Front end developers
Back end developers -- Mainly
Graphic designers
Native English speaker (translators)

What are we looking for:
Few contributors who would like to work with us on project to help Steam community.

About iTrade.tf:
Few things we gonna offer:
IdleSquad -- the only place where you can compare single game with idler database (every other sites offer you to compare multiple games with single user)
iTrade custom shop -- your custom website where you can advertise your games (it simplify search since we gonna offer better filters compared to ST or similar sites)

The project isn't for making money (everything will be free of charge). So we won't pay you!!!
No work time, work when you want and as you want.
A lot of things has been made so far but I still need backend developer.

If you would like to contribute then please add me.
Add me if you want to see what I made so far.

8 months ago*

I'd like to take part as a support or something else i used IdleSquad but then its closed
I'd like to help you to make it better

6 months ago

I can help with backend

6 months ago


This comment was deleted 1 month ago.

1 month ago

i think i can help with graphic designing

1 month ago

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