I have...

-Scanner Sombre
-Seasons After Fall
-The Shrouded Isle
-Wargame: Red Dragon

Stardock Bundle:
-The Corporate Machine
-Fallen Enchantress
-The Political Machine 2016
-Sorcerer King: Rivals

I want...

I'm open to offers, but I'm specifically looking for
-Tabletop Simulator
-Borderlands GOTY
-PUBG Items
-Danganronpa Emoticons
-Full Card Sets

I'll leave it up to you to decide what is a fair offer, but I reserve the right to deny if I find it unfair

Please comment your offer here before adding me!
Thank you(:

1 week ago*

Hm, would you be willing to trade cards or gems for them? Wasn't int in any games

3 days ago

What are the prices in gems and cards?

2 days ago

Hm, I don't have a set price, I'll take anything fair, really

2 days ago

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