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With 1 CSGO key you can get 21 sets
With 1 TF key you can get 19 sets
With 1 CSGO key you can get 10 foil sets
With 1 TF key you can get 9 foil sets

Easy, Fast and Cheap Way To Level Up!

Our service offer you Ready-To-Craft trading card sets at low prices.
You don't need to send trade offer or do something else, just tell me and I take care of the rest.
I will choice for you only those sets that you have not crafted yet and will help you calculate the amount of sets you need.
I accept almost all CS:GO and TF2 keys, gems and any extra random cards.

How To Use?

  1. Add me to your friends list
  2. Using chat, type 'Check' to see how many cardsets are avaliable for you
  3. Type 'Buy [amount of keys]' to buy uncrafted cardsets for keys
  4. Accept trade offer and craft your badges to Level UP immediately
Information: .
Level [your dream level] Calculate how many cardsets you need to reach level.
Check Check how many uncrafted cardsets are aviable for you.
Check [amount of keys] Check how many you can buy with specific amount of keys.
Rates Show current prices.
Keylist Show all tradeable keys.
Rank Check your worldwide level rank.
Rank [1-100] Check who taking specific place on leaderboard.
En / Ru Switch language.
Buy: .
Buy [amount of keys] Buy uncrafted cardsets for CS:GO keys.
BuyTF [amount of keys] Buy uncrafted cardsets for TF2 keys.
BuyGems [amount of sets] Buy uncrafted cardsets for gems.
BuyFoil [amount of keys] Buy uncrafted foil cardsets for CS:GO keys.
BuyFoilTF [amount of keys] Buy uncrafted foil cardsets for TF2 keys.
Swap 🅽🅴🆆 Swap all your extra random cards for full uncrafted sets.

What is Swap?

Your inventory filled with extra random cards? Swap all your trash for full sets which you have not crafted yet!

You will get 90% for your cards: 9 Ready-To-Craft sets for your 10 sets in any cards.
Foil cards are used in Swap, they will be calculated at double price.

Check how it works right now by sending me any trade offer with a comment SWAP

Join our Steam-Group to lower fees by 2%. You'll also be eligible for some sweet giveaways.


I'm smart enough to answer any questions. See for yourself, add me and ask anything.

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