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Thanks for stopping by . I'm Glad your here.

Please have a look and if you see something you like, drop a msg for a trade.

The games listed are from My collection. I very rarely trade for a second hand key that I wont use myself (only have once and is listed as such).
I live in the USA , ALL my keys are USA, I will not know with HB if there is a region lock until trying to trade for a link.

I do not use or trade for any Tf2 ,CS:Go keys. I have no use for them. Please don't ask to trade for them, I will ignore it.

My Humble Choices Trade Link

Game Information
11-11 memories retold (x2) HumbleBundle November 2019 / Bandai Namco Bundle 3
112 Operator HumbleBundle October 2021
198X HumbleBundle March 2020
1993 Space Machine HumbleBundle May 2016
60 parsecs HumbleBundle July 2019
8 Doors HumbleBundle December 2021
- -
A Case of Distrust HumbleBundle August 2020
Acceleration of SUGURI 2 HumbleBundle June 2018
Action henk HumbleBundle October 2016
Adom (Ancient Domains of Mystery) HumbleBundle July 2021
Adorables Fanatical
The Adventure pals HumbleBundle August 2019
AER Memories of Old HumbleBundle April 2018
Aegis Defenders HumbleBundle December 2019
Ageless HumbleBundle March 2021
Age of Wonders: Planetfall Deluxe Edition HumbleBundle July 2020
A I War 2 HumbleBundle March 2020
Almost There: The Platformer HumbleBundle August 2019
American Fugitive HumbleBundle August 2020
Ancestors Legacy HumbleBundle December 2019
As Far as the Eye HumbleBundle August 2021
Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation HumbleBundle June 2017
A Short Hike ????
Assassin's Creed 2 - Deluxe Edition Ubisoft
Assassin's Creed III Remastered Ubisoft
Atomicrops HumbleBundle September 2021
Automachef HumbleBundle August 2020
Autonauts HumbleBundle October 2020
Aven Colony HumbleBundle April 2021
Avernum 2: Crystal Souls HumbleBundle July 2016
Avernum 3: Ruined World HumbleBundle October 2019
Aviary Attorney HumbleBundle March 2018
- -
Bad North: Jotunn Edition HumbleBundle January 2020
Basement HumbleBundle October 2020
Basingstooke HumbleBundle July 2020
Batman Evil Within telltale key HB - Telltale Key??
Battle Chef Brigade HumbleBundle September 2018
Battlestar Galactica Deadlock HumbleBundle July 2020
BATTLETECH HumbleBundle October 2019
BATTLETECH - Flashpoint HumbleBundle October 2019
BATTLETECH - Shadow hawk pack HumbleBundle October 2019
Beat Hazard 2 HumbleBundle July 2020
Bee Simulator HumbleBundle July 2021
Before we leave Humblebundle Feburary 2022
Between the stars HumbleBundle January 2022
Beyond eyes HumbleBundle November 2016
Beyond the Wire HumbleBundle December 2021
Black Book Humblebundle Feburary 2022
Black Future '88 HumbleBundle October 2021
Black the fall HumbleBundle Feburary 2018
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend HumbleBundle December 2017
BloodStained: Ritual of the Night HumbleBundle August 2021
Blue Fire HumbleBundle August 2021
Book of Demons HumbleBundle February 2020
Boreal Blade HumbleBundle March 2021
Bleed 2 HumbleBundle February 2019
Boomerang Fu HumbleBundle February 2021
Bomber Crew HumbleBundle One Special Day Bundle 2019
Borderlands: Game of the Year Enhanced HumbleBundle 2k's Game Together Bundle
Bridge Constructor Portal HumbleBundle Builder Bundle
Brigador: Up- Armored Edition HumbleBundle June 2017
Broken Age HumbleBundle One Special Day Bundle 2019
- -
Calico Humblebundle Feburary 2022
Capitalism 2 HumbleBundle April 2020
Carnival Games VR HumbleBundle 2k's Game Together Bundle
Carto HumbleBundle August 2021
Cepheus Protocol HumbleBundle August 2021
Chasm HumbleBundle December 2019 A
Chicken Police HumbleBundle April 2022
Children of Morta HumbleBundle December 2020
Cities in motion 2 HumbleBundle Paradox Bundle 2018
Civilization III HumbleBundle 2k's Game Together Bundle
Colt Canyon HumbleBundle April 2021
Command & Conquer Remastered HumbleBundle May 2022
Concrete Jungle HumbleBundle Builder Bundle
Control: Standard Edition HumbleBundle March 2021
Cook, serve , delicious 2 HumbleBundle June 2018
Cook, Serve, Delicious 3 HumbleBundle May 2021
Copoka HumbleBundle July 2016
Crying Suns HumbleBundle November 2020
Cryofall HumbleBundle February 2020
Cthulhu Realms HumbleBundle July 2016
Cursed Castilla HumbleBundle January 2018
Cyber Hook HumbleBundle March 2021
- -
Dandara HumbleBundle April 2019
Dark Future: Blood Red States HumbleBundle December 2019 B
The Darkness II HumbleBundle 2k's Game Together Bundle
Darksburg HumbleBundle November 2020
Darkside Detective HumbleBundle January 2019
Darksiders Genesis HumbleBundle May 2021
Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition HumbleBundle September 2018
Darksiders III HumbleBundle November 2020
Dead in Vinland HumbleBundle December 2019 B
Dead island Definitive edition HumbleBundle November 2018
Deadly Days HumbleBundle July 2021
Delevled HumbleBundle January 2021
Deponia Doomsday HumbleBundle October 2016
Desert Child HumbleBundle December 2019 B
Desolate HumbleBundle June 2021
Desperados III Humblebundle January 2022
Destroy All Humans HumbleBundle April 2022
Detached HumbleBundle Spring into VR Bundle
Disjunction HumbleBundle June 2021
Distance HumbleBundle September 2019
Distraint Fanatical
Do not feed the monkeys HumbleBundle May 2019
Dont Escape: 4 Days to survive HumbleBundle July 2020
Drake Hollow HumbleBundle August 2021
Driftland: The Magic Revival HumbleBundle April 2020
Due Process HumbleBundle November 2021
Dungeon of the Endless: Crystal Pack HumbleBundle June 2016
Dungeons 3 HumbleBundle October 2018
Duskers HumbleBundle June 2019
The Dwarves HumbleBundle November 2018
- -
Earthlock HumbleBundle July 2020
Effie HumbleBundle June 2021
Elex HumbleBundle March 2021
Eliza HumbleBundle February 2020
Emily is away too HumbleBundle November 2017
Elderborn HumbleBundle July 2021
EMBR HumbleBundle May 2022
Encodya HumbleBundle August 2021
Endless Splace 2 - Digital Deluxe HumbleBundle February 2021
Endzone: A World Apart HumbleBundle December 2021
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Premium Edition HumbleBundle Bandai Namco Bundle 3
Eon Altar Episode 1 HumbleBundle Hooked on Multiplayer Bundle
Epistory - Typing Chronicles HumbleBundle September 2016
The Escapists: Alcatraz HumbleBundle December 2016
The Escapists: Duck tapes are forever HumbleBundle December 2016
The Escapists: Escape Team HumbleBundle December 2016
The Escapists: Fhurst Peak HumbleBundle December 2016
Espire VR HumbleBundle Builder Bundle
Eterium HumbleBundle September 2017
Ethereal ???
Etherborn HumbleBundle March 2020
Europa Universalis II Complete HumbleBundle Paradox Bundle 2018
Evan's Remains Humblebundle January 2022
Evergarden HumbleBundle November 2019
Everhood Humblebundle Feburary 2022
Exapunks HumbleBundle March 2020
- -
Fantasy Blacksmith HumbleBundle October 2020
Farmer's Dynasty HumbleBundle January 2022
Felix the Reaper HumbleBundle June 2020
Fell Seal: Arbiters Mark HumbleBundle March 2020
Fidel - Dungeon Rescue HumbleBundle October 2016
Fight'n rage HumbleBundle March 2019
Finding Paradise HumbleBundle May 2019
Flat heroes HumbleBundle March 2017
Fling to the Finish HumbleBundle December 2021
Fluffy Horde HumbleBundle December 2019 A
Forager HumbleBundle September 2020
Forged Battalion HumbleBundle August 2018
Fort Triumph HumbleBundle September 2021
Fortune 499 ????
Framed Collection HumbleBundle September 2021
Frog Detective 1: The Haunted Island HumbleBundle December 2020
Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard HumbleBundle December 2020
Full Metal Furies HumbleBundle February 2019
Fun with Ragdolls: The Game HumbleBundle September 2020
- -
Galactic Civilizations ultimate edition HumbleBundle Intergalatic Bundle
Galak-Z HumbleBundle May 2016
Gamedec HumbleBundle June 2022
Garage: Bad Trip HumbleBundle October 2021
Generation Zero HumbleBundle September 2020
Genesis Alpha One Deluxe Edition HumbleBundle August 2020
Genesis Noir HumbleBundle May 2022
Get Even HumbleBundle Bandai Namco Bundle 3
GhostRunner HumbleBundle April 2022
Goat of Duty HumbleBundle October 2020
God's Trigger HumbleBundle September 2019
Going Under HumbleBundle June 2021
Golf with your Friends HumbleBundle September 2020
GoNNER - Press Jump to die edition HumbleBundle May 2017
Greak: Memories of Azur HumbleBundle December 2021
Grid- Ultimate Edition HumbleBundle June 2020
Guacamelee 2 HumbleBundle September 2019
Gunmetal Arcadia Zero HumbleBundle May 2016
Guts and Glory HumbleBundle October 2021
- -
H1Z1 HumbleBundle December 2017
H1Z1: Trickster Crate HumbleBundle December 2017
Hacknet HumbleBundle December 2016
HackyZack HumbleBundle September 2017
Hammerting HumbleBundle July 2021
Hard Reset Redux HumbleBundle November 2018
Hearts of Iron 3 Collection HumbleBundle Paradox Bundle 2018
Heave Ho HumbleBundle May 2020
Heaven's Vault HumbleBundle September 2021
Hello Neighbor + Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek HumbleBundle August 2020
Hellpoint HumbleBundle May 2021
Hidden folks HumbleBundle Octobeer 2018
Hiveswap: Act 1 HumbleBundle January 2018
Hiveswap Friendsim HumbleBundle October 2021
Holy Potatoes!: We're in space HumbleBundle March 2018
HoPiKo HumbleBundle January 2017
Horace HumbleBundle May 2020
Horizon Chase Turbo HumbleBundle December 2019 B
Hotshot Racing HumbleBundle March 2021
House Flipper HumbleBundle November 2021
Husk HumbleBundle Feburary 2017
HyperRouge Fanatical
- -
I am Fish HumbleBundle June 2022
If found HumbleBundle May 2022
Ikenfell HumbleBundle June 2021
Immortal Redneck HumbleBundle December 2018
I'm not a monster HumbleBundle May 2019
Impact winter HumbleBundle Bandai Namco Bundle 3
Imperator: Rome Deluxe Edition HumbleBundle November 2020
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing HumbleBundle August 2016
Indivisible HumbleBundle December 2020
Infinifactory ?????
In other waters HumbleBundle April 2021
Insurgency Fanatical
Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition HumbleBundle July 2018
Iron Harvest HumbleBundle January 2022
Iris and the Giant HumbleBundle February 2021
Iron Danger HumbleBundle October 2020
- -
Jalopy (x2) HumbleBundle May 2018
Jotun HumbleBundle January 2017
Jim Power - The Lost Dimension Fanatical
John Wick Hex HumbleBundle October 2021
The Journey Dawn Chapter 3 HumbleBundle May 2019
Just Die Already Humblebundle Feburary 2022
- -
Katana Zero HumbleBundle October 2021
Kathy Rain HumbleBundle November 2016
Ken Folletts The pillars of the earth HumbleBundle June 2018
Kero Blaster HumbleBundle July 2017
Kill it with Fire HumbleBundle July 2021
KillSquad HumbleBundle April 2022
Kimmy HumbleBundle January 2017
Kind Words ????
Kingdom: New Lands Royal Edition HumbleBundle April 2017
Kingdom Two Crowns HumbleBundle March 2021
Kona HumbleBundle August 2018
- -
Lacuna: A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure HumbleBundle April 2018
Laser League HumbleBundle April 2018
Last Day of June HumbleBundle March 2018
Last Oasis HumbleBundle August 2021
Last Word HumbleBundle Software Bundle: RPG Maker
Late Shift HumbleBundle March 2019
Legend Fanatical
LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes Traded Key
LEGO Indiana Jones ??/?
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes HumbleBundle
Lethal League Blaze HumbleBundle September 2020
Levelhead HumbleBundle May 2021
Lightmatter HumbleBundle October 2020
Linea Fanatical
Little Big Adventure Enhanced Edition Fanatical
Little Big Adventure 2 Fanatical
Little Big Workshop HumbleBundle August 2020
Little Misfortune HumbleBundle November 2020
Lovecrafts Untold Stories HumbleBundle February 2021
Love is Dead HumbleBundle july 2019
Lucius Demake Fanatical
- -
Mages of Mystralia HumbleBundle January 2020
Magicka 2 HumbleBundle Paradox Bundle 2018
Main Assembly HumbleBundle April 2021
Maize HumbleBundle June 2017
Majesty 2 collection HumbleBundle Paradox Bundle 2018
Man Eater HumbleBundle December 2021
Mass Effect Legendary Edition Humblebundle January 2022
Memoria Fanatical
Men of War: Assult Squad 2 - Warchest Edition HumbleBundle June 2020
Metal Unit HumbleBundle July 2020
Metrico+ HumbleBundle May 2017
Middle Earth: Shadow of War HumbleBundle January 2020
Midnight Protocol HumbleBundle January 2022
Milky Way Prince: The Vampire Star HumbleBundle June 2021
Minion Masters Steam Gift
MINIT HumbleBundle April 2019
Minoria HumbleBundle January 2021
MO: Astray HumbleBundle May 2020
Mobius Front '83 HumbleBundle November 2021
Molek-Syntez HumbleBundle April 2020
Momodora: Reverie under the moonlight HumbleBundle September 2017
Monster Sanctuary HumbleBundle April 2022
Morkredd HumbleBundle May 2021
Morphblade HumbleBundle March 2017
Mothergunship HumbleBundle September 2019
Mr.Shifty HumbleBundle January 2018
- -
Nairi: Tower of Shirih HumbleBundle July 2019
Narita Boy HumbleBundle September 2021
Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker HumbleBundle April 2022
NBA Playgrounds HumbleBundle May 2018
NBA Playgrounds 2 HumbleBundle 2k's Game Together Bundle
Nebuchadnezzar Humblebundle January 2022
Necromonads HumbleBundle Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Bundle
Neon Abyss HumbleBundle September 2021
Neon Chrome HumbleBundle January 2017
Neoverse HumbleBundle May 2020
NeuroVoider HumbleBundle December 2018
Nex Machina HumbleBundle December 2017
Niche: A genetics survival game HumbleBundle May 2020
Niffelheim HumbleBundle March 2020
Night Call HumbleBundle February 2020
Nimbatus: The Space Drone Constuctor HumbleBundle July 2021
Nongunz HumbleBundle August 2017
The Norwood Suite HumbleBundle Feburary 2018
Not for Broadcast HumbleBundle September 2021
Not Tonight HumbleBundle January 2021
Nowhere Prophet HumbleBundle August 2021
- -
Offworld trading company HumbleBundle August 2017
Okami HD HumbleBundle February 2020
Okhlos HumbleBundle Feburary 2017
Old Man's Journey HumbleBundle October 2018
One Step from Eden HumbleBundle December 2020
Oniken HumbleBundle Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Bundle
Opus Magnum HumbleBundle April 2020
Orwell: Ignorance is Strength HumbleBundle September 2021
Orwell: Keeping an eye on you HumbleBundle October 2017
Out of Space HumbleBundle August 2021
Overgrowth HumbleBundle March 2018
Overlord HumbleBundle June 2020
Override: Mech City Brawl HumbleBundle October 2019
- -
Pang Adventures Fanatical
Panzer Paladin HumbleBundle June 2021
Paradise Killer HumbleBundle July 2021
Paradise Lost Humblebundle Feburary 2022
Paradigm HumbleBundle March 2019
Paratopic HumbleBundle June 2019
Partisans 1941 HumbleBundle December 2021
Path of Giants HumbleBundle December 2020
Pathologic Classic HD HumbleBundle August 2018
Pathologic 2 HumbleBundle January 2021
Paw Paw Paw HumbleBundle June 2021
PC Building Simulator HumbleBundle January 2021
Peaky Blinders: Mastermind HumbleBundle March 2021
Per Aspera Humblebundle Feburary 2022
Pesterquest HumbleBundle March 2021
Phantom Doctrine HumbleBundle December 2019 B
Phoenix Point: Year One Edition HumbleBundle June 2022
Pirate Pop Plus HumbleBundle November 2016
Planet Alpha HumbleBundle October 2019
Planet of the Eyes HumbleBundle August 2016
Planet Zoo HumbleBundle May 2022
Plantera HumbleBundle Clickteam fusion 2.5 Bundle
Police Quest Collection HumbleBundle Sierra Bundle
Police Stories Humblebundle January 2022
Poly Bridge HumbleBundle March 2017
Pool Panic HumbleBundle June 2019
Popup Dungeon HumbleBundle April 2021
Portal Knights HumbleBundle Builder Bundle
Postal 2 Fanatical
Postal 2 : Paradise Lost DLC Fanatical
Primal Carnage: Extinction HumbleBundle Hooked on Multiplayer Bundle
Project Cars HumbleBundle Bandai Namco Bundle 3
Project Highrise HumbleBundle Feburary 2017
Project Warlock HumbleBundle February 2020
Project Wingman HumbleBundle November 2021
Project Winter HumbleBundle January 2022
Pumpkin Jack HumbleBundle June 2022
Purrfect Date - VN/Date Sim HumbleBundle December 2018
Puss! HumbleBundle October 2019
- -
Q.U.B.E. 2 HumbleBundle January 2019
Quake Champions Early Access + 50 Shards, 100 Platinum , 2000 Favor HumbleBundle November 2017
- -
Railway Empire HumbleBundle July 2020
Ramily Man HumbleBundle May 2021
Random Access Murder HumbleBundle August 2016
Rapture Rejects HumbleBundle February 2019
Rapture Rejects : Safari Outfit DLC (humble bundle exclusive) HumbleBundle February 2019
Rebel Cops HumbleBundle January 2022
Rebel Galaxy HumbleBundle November 2016
Recursion Deluxe Fanatical
Red Faction Guerrialla re-mars-tered HumbleBundle June 2019
Red Risk Fanatical
The Red Solstice HumbleBundle July 2016
Red Solstice 2: Survivors Humblebundle January 2022
Regions of ruin HumbleBundle January 2019
Regular human Basketball HumbleBundle December 2019 A
Relicta HumbleBundle May 2021
Remnants of Naezith HumbleBundle June 2020
Remothered: Broken Porcelain HumbleBundle April 2021
Resident Evil 2 - All in-game Rewards Unlock (just unlock dlc not the game) HumbleBundle Capcom MEGA Bundle
Resident Evil Revelations HumbleBundle Capcom MEGA Bundle
Retimed HumbleBundle May 2021
Retrowave HumbleBundle January 2022
Ring of Pain HumbleBundle October 2021
Rise of Industry HumbleBundle May 2020
River City Ransom: Underground Fanatical
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam + 2 DLCs HumbleBundle August 2019
Road Redemption HumbleBundle July 2019
Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball Fanatical
Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder HumbleBundle February 2019
Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break HumbleBundle April 2021
Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos HumbleBundle April 2022
ROKI HumbleBundle September 2021
Roombo: First Blood (Justice sucks) ???
Rover Mechanic Simulator HumbleBundle November 2020
Running with Rifles HumbleBundle May 2018
Rustler HumbleBundle January 2022
- -
Sairento VR HumbleBundle Builder Bundle
Sanitarium Fanatical
Satellite Reign HumbleBundle July 2016
Scanner Sombre HumbleBundle October 2017
Seasons After Fall HumbleBundle October 2017
Secret Neighbor HumbleBundle June 2021
Seraph Fanatical
Serial Cleaner (x2) HumbleBundle July 2018
Seum: Speedrunners from Hell HumbleBundle Builder Bundle
Seven: The Days long gone HumbleBundle December 2018
The Sexy Brutale HumbleBundle December 2017
Shadows: Awakening HumbleBundle October 2020
Sheltered HumbleBundle September 2016
Shenmue III HumbleBundle April 2021
She Remembered Catapillars HumbleBundle April 2019
Shezhem I/O HumbleBundle February 2020
Shiftlings HumbleBundle Sierra Bundle
Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom HumbleBundle July 2018
Shining Resonance Refrain HumbleBundle December 2020
Shoppe Keep HumbleBundle June 2017
Shoppe Keep 2 HumbleBundle April 2020
The Shrouded Isle HumbleBundle October 2017
Siege Survival: Gloria Victis HumbleBundle June 2022
Sigma Theory: Global Cold War HumbleBundle July 2020
SimplePlanes HumbleBundle July 2017
SimpleRockets 2 HumbleBundle November 2021
Simulacra + Simulacra 2 HumbleBundle April 2021
Size Matters HumbleBundle May 2021
Skully HumbleBundle April 2021
Slain: Back from Hell Fanatical
Slime-san HumbleBundle April 2017
Slipstream HumbleBundle March 2019
Smile for me HumbleBundle November 2020
Snake Pass HumbleBundle February 2018
Sniper Elite HumbleBundle November 2018
Sniper Elite 3 HumbleBundle February 2019
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts HumbleBundle April 2021
Sonic Adventure 2 HumbleBundle Sonic 30th Anniversary Bundle
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle HumbleBundle Sonic 30th Anniversary Bundle
Sonic Adventure DX HumbleBundle Sonic 30th Anniversary Bundle
Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed HumbleBundle Sonic 30th Anniversary Bundle
Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing HumbleBundle Sonic 30th Anniversary Bundle
Sonic Generations Collection HumbleBundle Sonic 30th Anniversary Bundle
Sonic Lost World HumbleBundle Sonic 30th Anniversary Bundle
Sonic Mania HumbleBundle Sonic 30th Anniversary Bundle
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode I HumbleBundle Sonic 30th Anniversary Bundle
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode II HumbleBundle Sonic 30th Anniversary Bundle
Song of Horror HumbleBundle January 2021
Space Quest Collection HumbleBundle Sierra Bundle
Space Run Galaxy HumbleBundle March 2017
Spec Ops: The Line HumbleBundle 2k's Game Together Bundle
Spellcaster University HumbleBundle May 2022
The Spiral Scouts HumbleBundle October 2019
Splasher HumbleBundle March 2018
Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent Fanatical
Star Wars: Squadrons HumbleBundle June 2022
Starword Rogue HumbleBundle August 2016
State of Mind HumbleBundle September 2019
Steamworld Heist HumbleBundle Feburary 2017
Steel rats HumbleBundle April 2019
Still there HumbleBundle December 2020
Stories untold HumbleBundle September 2017
Strafe: millennium edition HumbleBundle December 2017
Strange Brigade HumbleBundle September 2020
Strider HumbleBundle Capcom MEGA Bundle
Stronghold Crusader 2 HumbleBundle One Special Day Bundle 2019
Struggling HumbleBundle December 2020
Stubbs the zombie in rebel without a cause HumbleBundle June 2021
Stygian: Reign of the old ones HumbleBundle June 2020
Subterrain HumbleBundle April 2018
Sundered HumbleBundle January 2019
Supraland HumbleBundle June 2020
Super Daryl Deluxe HumbleBundle February 2019
SuperHot: Mind Control Delete HumbleBundle June 2022
Superliminal HumbleBundle August 2021
Super Rude Bear Resurrection HumbleBundle May 2017
Surfingers Fanatical
Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality HumbleBundle Builder Bundle
The Survivalists HumbleBundle December 2021
Surviving Mars HumbleBundle August 2019
Surviving the Aftermath HumbleBundle May 2022
Suzerain HumbleBundle April 2022
Swag and Sorcery HumbleBundle September 2021
S.W.I.N.E. HumbleBundle July 2021
Sword Legacy Omen HumbleBundle December 2019 A
Swords and soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon HumbleBundle August 2019
Swords of Gurrah HumbleBundle Builder Bundle
Synthetik: Legion rising HumbleBundle November 2019
- -
Tabletop Playground HumbleBundle December 2020
Tacoma HumbleBundle February 2018
Tales of the Neon Sea HumbleBundle January 2021
Tannenberg HumbleBundle April 2019
The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines HumbleBundle January 2021
The Bards Tale IV: Directors Cut HumbleBundle April 2020
The Beast inside HumbleBundle December 2020
The Bug Butcher ?????
The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters HumbleBundle August 2020
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Humblebundle January 2022
The Dream Machine Chapter 1 & 2 Fanatical
The Henry Stickmin Collection HumbleBundle January 2022
The Hex HumbleBundle February 2020
The Kings Bird HumbleBundle June 2020
The Last Express Gold Edition Fanatical
The Messenger HumbleBundle June 2020
Them's Fightin' Herds HumbleBundle January 2020
The Occupation HumbleBundle September 2020
The Stillness of the Wind HumbleBundle June 2020
The Suicide of Rachel Foster HumbleBundle October 2020
The Sunless Bundle HumbleBundle October 2020
The Surge 2 HumbleBundle July 2021
The Texorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia HumbleBundle October 2021
The Turing Test HumbleBundle May 2017
The Uncertain: Last quiet day HumbleBundle October 2020
The Walking Dead: Michonne Fanatical
The Wild Eight HumbleBundle February 2021
This book is a dungeon Fanatical
This is the Police 2 HumbleBundle April 2020
Thoth HumbleBundle October 2016
Through the Darkest of Times HumbleBundle August 2020
Tick Tack Isle HumbleBundle Clickteam fusion 2.5 bundle
Timelie HumbleBundle November 2021
Tiny Echo HumbleBundle June 2017
TIS-100 HumbleBundle July 2016
Tohu HumbleBundle December 2021
Tomb Raider HumbleBundle January 2018
Tools Up HumbleBundle October 2021
Total Tank Simulator HumbleBundle January 2021
Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt HumbleBundle November 2020
Train Station Renovation HumbleBundle February 2021
Train Valley HumbleBundle October 2016
Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince HumbleBundle February 2021
Truberbrook HumbleBundle April 2020
True Bliss Fanatical
Tsioque HumbleBundle November 2020
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion HumbleBundle November 2021
- -
Underhero HumbleBundle February 2020
Uurnog Uurnlimited HumbleBundle March 2017
- -
Vane HumbleBundle May 2021
Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New York HumbleBundle January 2021
Vampire: The Masquerade - Codoteries of New York HumbleBundle September 2020
Valfaris HumbleBundle February 2021
Valkyria Chronicles 4 Complete Edition HumbleBundle February 2021
Verlet Swing HumbleBundle July 2020
Vikings - Wolves of Midgard HumbleBundle July 2020
Void Bastards HumbleBundle July 2020
Voidigo HumbleBundle December 2021
- -
Wandersong HumbleBundle May 2019
War for the overworld HumbleBundle August 2017
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War HumbleBundle May 2020
Warhammer 40,000 : Mechanics HumbleBundle July 2019
Warhammer: Chaosbane HumbleBundle January 2021
Warsaw HumbleBundle May 2020
Warstone TD HumbleBundle February 2020
Wasted HumbleBundle June 2016
We need to go deeper HumbleBundle August 2021
Werewolf: Heart of the Forest HumbleBundle February 2020
Western Press HumbleBundle December 2016
Western Press MK Cans II Character DLC HumbleBundle December 2016
West of Dead HumbleBundle September 2021
When ski lifts go wrong HumbleBundle Builder Bundle
Whispers of a Machine HumbleBundle January 2020
Wildfire HumbleBundle March 2021
Wingspan HumbleBundle November 2021
World to the west HumbleBundle November 2017
Worms Rumble + Legends Pack DLC HumbleBundle June 2021
Wrath: Aeon of Ruin HumbleBundle November 2021
Wuppa HumbleBundle August 2017
WWE 2K Battlegrounds HumbleBundle March 2021
- -
X-Morph: Defense HumbleBundle December 2019 B
Xcom: Chimera Squad HumbleBundle March 2021
- -
Yakuza 3 Remastered HumbleBundle July 2021
Youropa HumbleBundle November 2020
Yuppie Psycho HumbleBundle July 2020
- -
Zewi: The Arges Adventure HumbleBundle December 2020
Zewi: The Ilvard Inssurrection HumbleBundle December 2020
Zombie Night Terror HumbleBundle September 2018

Wii U game - Freedom Planet

I want...


Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga (Console)
Hot Wheels Unleashed DLC
Assassins Creed: Valhalla
Call of Duty: Cold War
Beat Saber


Crash Bandicoot 4 : It's About Time
Elder Scrolls Online : Ascending Tide
Elder Scrolls Online : Blackwood
Elder Scrolls Online : Elsweyr
Elder Scrolls Online : Greymoor
Elder Scrolls Crowns and DLC's
Final Fantasy I - VI
Minecraft Dungeons
The Smurfs - Mission Vileaf

Secondary Want:

Ace Attorney Trilogy
Batman Arkham Origins Season Pass
Chrono Trigger
CTR Crash Team Racing
Dark Nights with Poe and Munro
Dark Souls
GameMaker Studio 2
Halo: Master Chief Collection
Layers of Fear 2
Little Nightmares II
Mega-Man Legacy Collection 2
Mega-Man X Legacy Collection 2
Pinball FX tables
Planet Coaster DLC's
Planet Zoo DLC's
Plantz vs zombies Battle for Neighborville
Plantz vs zombies garden warfare 3
Poker Night 2
Samurai jack
Terminator: Resistance
The Evil Within 2
The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker

Diablo 2 Ressurrected
Starcraft 2: battle chest
Warcraft 3 battle chest
Warcraft 3 reforged

Adobe CC
Office 2019 Professional

XBOX Game Pass Ultimate
Playstation Plus
Nintendo Online

UPDATED 6/16 UPDATING - New games added - msg me offers etc... All keys are USA

3 years ago*

not seeing anything , thx thou

1 month ago

Hi, I'm interested in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. My list: https://www.steamtrades.com/trade/OvIeJ/h-games-w-offers

1 month ago

Not seeing anything , thx

1 month ago


This comment was deleted 1 month ago.

1 month ago

I have a key to ENCODYA on Xbox One, what can you offer if you need

1 month ago

Do you accept Nintendo eShop Wallet balance from Canada as payment?

1 month ago*

not seeing it thx though

1 month ago

Hey, im interested in A short hike, planet zoo and okami.
Something from my list for those games?

1 month ago

not at this time thx though

1 month ago


This comment was deleted 1 month ago.

1 month ago

Sanitarium for any Steam game of similar value gifted to you?

1 month ago

not seeing anything thx though

1 month ago


You interested in any of the games below

Star Wars: Squadrons (Origin)
Phoenix Point Year one Edition
Superhot Mind Control Delete
Starpoint Gemini Warlords

Anything here for Children of Morta?

Appreciate your reply.
Thank you.

3 weeks ago

I already have those. thank you for your interest

2 weeks ago

I am interested in:
House Flipper

Something from my list for it? My list: https://www.steamtrades.com/trade/RrF4I/trading-

3 weeks ago

noit seeing anything , thx

2 weeks ago

Not seeing anything at the moment. Thx thou

1 week ago

Hello, I am interested in:
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Destroy All Humans
Shenmue I & II
Surviving the Aftermath
Okami HD
Whispers of a Machine
A Short Hike
Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight
Strafe: Millennium
Are you interested in any game?

1 week ago

ghostrunner STEAM price?

6 days ago

Hi, would you trade LEGO Indiana Jones for Murder by Numbers? I have other games too, the list is here.

1 day ago*

Would you be interested in a $10 xbox store credit code?

6 hours ago

hey, would you trade them fightin herds for any of these?

4 hours ago

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