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  • TF2 keys

Steam LevelUp Service

With this service you can quickly and easily raise your Steam Level.

How to start

  1. Add the BOT to the your friend list.
  2. Type in the chat message "!check" command to check how many sets you can get.
  3. Type in the chat message "!buy N" command to buy sets for N key(s)(example: !buy 5). And bot will send you a tradeoffer.
  4. Check your offers and accept it. Craft your badges for level up.
    5. ????
    6. Profit

Commands list

Commands Description
!check check how many sets that you haven't crafted yet are buyable, how much that will cost and how many sets the bot has in total.
!check N check how many sets that you can buy for N keys.
!buyonecheck check how many sets from different games you can craft once which you have not fully crafted yet (for 1 level collector), how much that will cost.
!buy N buy sets you haven't crafted for N keys.
!buyone N buy sets from different games you can craft once which you have not fully crafted yet (for 1 level collector) for N keys.
!buyany N buy random sets for N keys. This does NOT check your current badges. That means bot can give you full sets that you already crafted.
!level N check how much it will cost and how many sets it takes to get N level. This is calculated from your current level.
!contact shows where you can leave your questions.
Selling commands Description
!sellcheck shows some information about possibility of sale, how many sets you have for sale and buying rate.
!sell N sell sets for N key(s).
2 years ago*

Sounds nice uhh have a question. Im not big into csgo keys so I wonder if you do this for straight pp?

1 year ago

Sorry but i accept only cs go keys :(

1 year ago

ok thats fine was just wondering

1 year ago

need 1 set!

1 year ago

You still need one? You can check my trade

1 year ago

Are you interested In these games for CSGO Keys?

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Eador. Masters of the Broken World Steam Gift

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Grand Ages: Rome GOLD Steam Gift

Hydrophobia: Prophecy Steam Gift

On Rusty Trails Steam Gift

OutDrive Steam Gift

Urban Trial Freestyle Steam Gift

X: Tension Steam Gift

1 year ago

it says in your want cards, does your bot do cards sets for cards??

1 year ago

You whant one complete 12 card set for 20 random your cards??? :D

11 months ago

keys sell for btc ? u can found my post here also :)

9 months ago

Please beware of a scammer who impersonates my profile. I'm dropping this notice because there are so many people who has been effected from this issue and there's no other way to warn people before the incident. Thanks for your time for reading this.

7 months ago

Closed 2 months ago.