I have...
  • Diablo II classic + Lord of Destruction expansion cdkey set

Diablo 2 Digital key code only, no physical items.

Unused from my personal D2 Battle Chest.

The cdkey is 16 digit (sample: R8DW-7FKM-F268-GTHM) and it can be converted to 26 digit cdkeys (sample: TJND8EB2JMDG4KRUYZEXIT65H4) by registering it on official battle.net website (1).

(1) Go to http://us.battle.net to register the cdkeys (Create an account, Log in, Click "Account", Click "Add a Game", then enter Game Key), the 16 digit cdkey you purchased will be automatically converted to 26 digit cdkey. And you will be provided a link to download the game client.

You can still use the 16 digit cdkeys to install the game via CD that you have, because the CD asks for 16 digit cdkeys only.

I want...

Non-Vanilla CS:GO keys only (Chroma, Chroma 2, eSports, Falchion, Huntsman, Operation Breakout, Operation Phoenix, Operation Vanguard, Operation Wildfire, Revolver, Shadow, Winter Offensive)

Please do not add me on Steam unless we agree to a trade or I say I'll add you.****
Random adds will be ignored.

9 months ago*

Are you interested In these games for CSGO Keys?

Rivals of Aether Gift Link

BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend Gift Link

Nex Machina Gift Link

The Sexy Brutale Gift Link

STRAFE: Millennium Edition Gift Link

Passpartout: The Starving Artist Gift Link

BloodRayne Steam Gift

Eador. Masters of the Broken World Steam Gift

Frederic Bundle Steam Gift

Grand Ages: Rome GOLD Steam Gift

Hydrophobia: Prophecy Steam Gift

On Rusty Trails Steam Gift

OutDrive Steam Gift

Urban Trial Freestyle Steam Gift

X: Tension Steam Gift

7 months ago

One of these for Diablo 2?

Sanctum 2
Depth Hunter 2 deep dive
Guns N Zmbies
Guns'N'Zombies: N'Aliens
I am Weapon: Revival
I am Weapon: Revival (Blood and Ice DLC)
Killing Floor guest pass
Enshrouded World: Home Truths

3 months ago

Deus Ex:MD + Grid 2?

3 months ago

I can do that

3 months ago

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