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DillonMabry (10 months ago)

Good trader, went first with PayPal. +rep

Danaroth (10 months ago)

Trustworthy and honest guy; he went first with paypal. +rep

Osiris11235 (10 months ago)


Good trader, and nice to talk to!

Kyroxian (10 months ago)

Excellent trader. Very nice and fast. +rep

gdn007 (10 months ago)

Great trader. Fast and nice!

TonyClifton (10 months ago)

A great and trustworthy trader. He offered to purchase a %50 coupon for a high value item on steam. He went first with steam keys and then made sure they worked. One of the finest traders/trades I've ever met. If you have an option, trade with Snowleopard1024. A+++ - Tony Clifton Certified Trader

quillsaga (10 months ago)

+rep, he went first on Paypal!

GetKraven (10 months ago)

Not only is this guy one of the most trustworthy guys on the internet, but he's such a class act! This site was made especially for people like him. I will be more than happy to trade time and time again with him. A++++ (4 trades total)

poczta (10 months ago)

Good trader go first with PP money. +++rep Trade from

kenjisun (10 months ago)

nice trade. I go first with the remember key and she gave me the Arma 3 Alpha gift quickly. Thanks. +rep.

Hanuka (10 months ago)

Great and polite trader!

kylemallory (10 months ago)

Good and Fast Trader :D

ElectroMite (10 months ago)

Paid in full through PayPal, awesome to trade with, traded in BtB +Rep

Dragoons (10 months ago)

+rep, Thanks a bunch! =) They went first with gifts! Very honest and trustworthy.

Memoria (10 months ago)

Friendly person and very reliable, highly recommended +REP

T4O (10 months ago)

Great trader. +rep

t20k (10 months ago)

He was very helpful!

wormmayhem (10 months ago)

Good trader +REP!

Vicexx (10 months ago)

+REP good guy

chris231294 (10 months ago)

+rep, fantastic and easy trader :)

Thordred (10 months ago)

great trader!

kyoushuchi (10 months ago)

Very trustworthy and easy to work with. +rep!

hirokun3 (10 months ago)

awesome trader. pleasure to trade with. +rep

aslanpro (10 months ago)

Thank you for trade! Awesome trader!

maniek512 (10 months ago)

Quick trade, thanks!

tokkei (10 months ago)

+rep very nice and friendly trader.

PiecesOfMieces (10 months ago)

Very nice and fast trader. +Rep :)

toecutter3095 (10 months ago)

Great trader. Friendly and smooth trade of a gift for keys. +rep

seijurou43 (10 months ago)

Quick and nice trade, +rep

Asura01 (10 months ago)

+rep quiick and good trader!

Chupong (10 months ago)

+rep good trader

Corxario (8 months ago)

+rep, exchanged 2 games for my Deep Silver HB, good trader and very polite :)

CyCosion (8 months ago)

+rep good trader!

TekNicTerror (8 months ago)

great trader

weasl (8 months ago)

Fast and friendly! +rep

sajko33 (8 months ago)

Quick and smooth trade

SkullRaven (8 months ago)

Great and fast trader thanks! +rep

Genkisan (8 months ago)

An awesome trade! You are the best! +rep :D

Invicies (8 months ago)

Traded AI War and All DLC for my Starvoid

GreenTee (8 months ago)

+rep thanks for the trade