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thief101 (2 years ago)

Thanks a lot for the good trade! +rep

haim652 (2 years ago)

Great trader!

laurensbier (2 years ago)

thnx for the trade

VietSpartan9791 (2 years ago)

great trader +rep

sadi57 (2 years ago)

Thank you very much +rep

Scoffield (2 years ago)

Fast and easy trade. Nice and kind trader. +Rep,

highurtenflurst (2 years ago)

Wonderful trader -- +rep

Demafeitaras (2 years ago)

Fast and easy +rep

RyGuS (2 years ago)

+rep trustworthy trader rt

xfumblesx (2 years ago)

Great trader. Nice guy. +rep!

Marcox (2 years ago)

Nice Trader + rep you :)

Rastamen (2 years ago)

Good trader, +rep

WaltonPaste (2 years ago)


juzer (2 years ago)

Good trade, +rep :)

1g0r33386 (1 year ago)

Great trader +rep

chuoi (1 year ago)

nice and fast, +rep

seijurou43 (1 year ago)

++REP Very nice person and trustworthy trader

ArtemisFei (1 year ago)

Great trader. I went first with Paypal and he gave keys very quickly.

techsam2k8 (1 year ago)

this guy is legit. Fast and smooth trade with paypal.

Pocketsand (1 year ago)

Just traded for a crysis key, i wnt first with a amazon gc and he gave me key extremely quickly. +rep!

DaedricHunter (1 year ago)

Good trader! Fast and trustworthy!

pongetsonget (1 year ago)

+rep trustable i went 1st in paypal then he send the game code

VdelaRosa (1 year ago)

Great and patient trader! +rep

FernandoPolanco (1 year ago)

+REP! Excellent trader :D

bobgunnison (1 year ago)

Awesome trader ++ rep

Demioch (1 year ago)

EXCELLENT Guy, highly trustable. I went first with paypal and he game me the key right away. +rep

MarianoAq (1 year ago)

Good trader. I went first with the payment and he delivery the key right away. Totally trustworthy.

SplatterHomicide (1 year ago)

Honest trader. Trustable for Paypal, I went first. + rep and thanks!

Dunther (1 year ago)

trustable trader, +rep

Tradio (1 year ago)

very trustworthy and pleasant to deal with! +rep

bravofleet4 (1 year ago)

+rep good trader

Raynys (1 year ago)

Safe and friendly seller, recommended! Fantastic! +++rep

bandit54o (1 year ago)

100% trusted+++

OllieD (1 year ago)

Great Trader. He Went First, No Problems. +Rep

ShadowSync (1 year ago)

Very easy and professional trader, +rep

GHMU (1 year ago)

very fast~, great trader, +rep

doujin2 (1 year ago)

Very fast GREAT trader

Rick6 (1 year ago)

EXCELLENT trader, very fast and everthing PERFECT. +REP

osakosapl2012 (1 year ago)

+rep very good trader

Gawaine (1 year ago)

Good quick trade! I went first w/ paypal, he followed through with key +rep!