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jk2k (2 years ago)

Great trader! +100 in carma! :)

IamProDotA2 (2 years ago)

rep + good trader

chairmankao (2 years ago)

Great trade. My first time. s1N was very gentle. Would do again. :P

elCaminaTor (2 years ago)

+rep he went first, I instantly sent gift

DeadlyCreeper (2 years ago)

Fast and gentle. +1 and will trade in future!

kimaasen1984 (2 years ago)

Great trader! +rep

gvaido (2 years ago)

Thanks for fast deal!!! +rep

AdrianoRamirez (2 years ago)

Fast and trustable trader!

KamikazePanda25 (2 years ago)

Fast and friendly. Recommend.

RiseFromYourGrave (2 years ago)

Great trader! Fast! +rep

UZuhl (2 years ago)

+Rep. Really nice guy, Fair and Honest. A+

Kieran88 (2 years ago)

Great trader +rep

djsuha (2 years ago)

nice trader +rep

CopperUndies (2 years ago)

Very nice and patient, recommended.

TwiXXXie (2 years ago)

great trader +rep

aElder (2 years ago)

We did a couple of items trade, all correct :)

BosJ32 (2 years ago)

Very polite, friendly and smooth trader.. +++ REP

Milione (2 years ago)

Nice and fast trader +rep

CJV25 (2 years ago)

Nice trader. +rep

AckmanEOL (2 years ago)

easy, good and nice trader +rep

UndercoV (2 years ago)

+rep nice trade with pp

cottonycandy (2 years ago)

Fast and easy trade +rep

MShaky (2 years ago)

Fair and friendly trader! Thank you very much! Rep+

GothicMan (2 years ago)

good trader + rep)

ceildric (2 years ago)

Very smooth trade, a pleasure doing business with +rep

Muerte69 (2 years ago)

great trader +rep

Jonts22 (2 years ago)

good trader, they went first with key +rep

gokunaruto1 (2 years ago)

Nice trader +rep

Daryl (2 years ago)

quick and fair. Went first with a key, very reliable. + rep

TheAnthonyNL (2 years ago)

Thanks for the trade, went first with the key. Traded my game right after :D. Quick and smooth +rep.

totalanonymity (2 years ago)

I went first with a key, they delivered. Good trade. +rep

GUMcheg (2 years ago)

Great trader! +rep

BitRunner (2 years ago)

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING ! We did a Paypal trade , I went first with the money , got the CD KEY after a second ! I had a funny fail in the paymant , didnt write the whole mail xD So I chargeback fast and send it to him again ! but this is not the important thing . The thing is , he wasnt rude at me even if i was idiot :P , he wasnt "OMFG FUCKING SCAMMER OMFG", he still waited for me , and he asked the mail i wrote just to see if there is any problem .Would trade again ! +Rep !

likryso (2 years ago)

Great trader. +rep

gchatake (2 years ago)

Very nice trader, i got a key of a game, honest and friendly, +rep

Dillon02 (2 years ago)

wonderful trader

JMBauer74 (2 years ago)

Awesome trader. +rep

gift4u (2 years ago)

Good trader :)

Kryztoval (2 years ago)

Great trader, honest, friendly, accessible. +rep, recommended.

tinyhack (2 years ago)

Good trader, honestly