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whitdemon (2 years ago)

+REP we trade keys he was first

agreal (2 years ago)
  • Rep very nice and trustable trader :>
xM4RKSTH3SP0T (2 years ago)

He went first, gave me the key, it worked. Trustworthy fella +REP!

f0nZ (2 years ago)

Positive of course, I paid first, and everything was ok. Recommend it!

theey (2 years ago)

good trader :)

OlaPT (2 years ago)

Fair and trustable trader!

gift4u (2 years ago)

Trustworthy! +REP!

Mooszek (2 years ago)

Good trader!

MarvelousMax (2 years ago)

I went first he gave me the key afterwards +rep

TYX (2 years ago)

Gave me the key after i went first, +rep

Marcox (2 years ago)

Thanks to trade :)

OMJosh (2 years ago)

fastest trader ever! he went first and traded like a boss +rep

Ozz (2 years ago)

good trader, trusted and friendly ++rep

SniperEdis (2 years ago)

Great Trader,trusted and friendly +rep :)

KoTMasterOfTheMoon (2 years ago)
  • rep trusted and friendly
fisq (2 years ago)

keys works perfectly :) +rep

css101 (2 years ago)

Nice trader.

Kizsde (2 years ago)

Traded keys without a problem +rep

yotch44 (2 years ago)

very very good trader +rep!!

UZuhl (2 years ago)

+Rep. Trusted Game key Trader. Faster. A+

Bacci (2 years ago)

Good trader! Very fast! Thanks!

EpicHeMan (2 years ago)

great trader, i went first with the trading, he sent me the key later - TRUSTED :)

kimarle (2 years ago)

traded without any problems +1

FunnyStory (2 years ago)

Fast and trusted trader, I went first and he gave me the game key right after the trade ++rep

amike0207 (2 years ago)


onilomase (2 years ago)

nice trader

v3nom (2 years ago) or - This guy tried to scam me, didnt trade with him, but this is your impersonator. I hope it helps, i didnt knew where to post this so it's here.

guyguy123 (2 years ago)

Thnx for chophd :)

jeverink (2 years ago)

Key works!

avivsaadon10 (2 years ago)

,keys work)

Raveneye (2 years ago)

Won game on Steamgifts. Fast delivery and key works.

speedzenon (2 years ago)

+REP thx to game

Healz (2 years ago)

Thank you for the game :)

originalnicodr (5 months ago)

+Rep, great and fast trader!