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Ackydraal (2 years ago)

Good trader!

Manini (2 years ago)

Nice trader !

SirCake (2 years ago)

Good trader, both of us ended up happy ^^

VarguS (2 years ago)

Good trader!

Etakon (2 years ago)

good trader

Ameno (2 years ago)

Good Trader ! +rep

Shiiiryu (2 years ago)

Good trader!

Nexal (2 years ago)

+REP Fast, smooth and trustable trader :D

Martin1592 (2 years ago)

Great and fast trader

surVfate (2 years ago)

Really, REALLY nice and friendly trader... +big rep... :D

muk (2 years ago)

+rep, nice and fair trader

TGRicky (2 years ago)

+rep Good trader, very smooth transaction.

YmNick (2 years ago)

+rep Good trader

AxelNStella (2 years ago)

Nice trade, +rep

iHaxnoclip (1 year ago)

+rep, fast trader

nooneknowsme (1 year ago)


Blordy (1 year ago)

Great trader, +rep :3

Gun420 (1 year ago)

he agreed to go first since I had enough evidence on my account to merit it, thank you for the trust man would gladly trade again :]

Tuga (1 year ago)

Awesome trader +rep :)

kuhn (1 year ago)

Traded gift with bundle urls. Great and trustworthy trader. he went first! +rep

DarkwaveMD (1 year ago)

Very trustworthy. i went first, ty again

dedmetal98 (1 year ago)

Great Trader VERY trustworthy used paypal GREAT PERSON!!!! Best trader

fenetic (1 year ago)

good trader +rep

Mietitore56 (1 year ago)

Good Trader!

Sebber925 (1 year ago)

My first trade ever and everything went super smooth! Very kind and trustworthy trader!

tdc (1 year ago)

went first with paypal, he followed through with key, +rep

luthor (1 year ago)

very reliable trader +rep

CapShot (1 year ago)

good trader! +REP

SoulEaterCRO (1 year ago)

Good trader +rep

Spider2745 (1 year ago)

Quick & trustworthy trader +rep

FatGoldfish (1 year ago)

++Rep Great Trader :D

Enclear (1 year ago)

Good trader, went smooth and we exchanged our stuff. offered one unrelated key up front before i paid, then sent the rest after. +rep would trade with again

jmleetw (1 year ago)

Great trader! Thank you!

PolarBear (1 year ago)

great and nice trader! i gave keys first and he sent me indie url address! +rep

Eltolad (1 year ago)

Fast, fair, friendly trader. I went first with PP, he followed through with IG URL. Thanks for the great trade, and I would love to trade again! Thanks, and +rep!

wanzerotto (1 year ago)

Very very KIND, smooth and correct. He has my reputation!

Smalceson (1 year ago)

Great trader! Thank you!

peyayo (1 year ago)

Great trader. Really fast. Thanks!!

manueluis (1 year ago)

+rep great trader :D

shmmrname (1 year ago)

Awesome trader! +rep