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LucasC (2 years ago)

Good and fast trader, he went first +rep

undoredo321 (2 years ago)

Great trader, very patient and trustable,I trade him keys he go first and everything ok , i still in doubt with u thanks my friend + REP

yum (2 years ago)

Trustable trader +rep

Komo (2 years ago)

great, trustable and fast trader! went first with his key! +REP

c00lizz (2 years ago)

Patient and trustworthy, I went first with giftwrap.

MDuh (2 years ago)

Very fast trader +rep

pjgaming (2 years ago)

Thanks +rep nice trader

Dominykas (2 years ago)

Fast good trader :), +rep.

Weeeooojr (2 years ago)

Friendly trader, thanks :)

Stevensi1018 (2 years ago)

Great trader, +rep ;D

Jman3350 (2 years ago)

Gave me sleeping dogs for my darksiders 2! +rep :)

Pechpilz (2 years ago)

easy Trade, +rep :)

Adyutzaboy (2 years ago)

Very Trustworthy.Nice trading with him:)

dinuletz (2 years ago)

gave me keys, i sent him gift, everything went fine +rep

metafox (2 years ago)

WOW nice and reliable trader thx!!!!

mammut (2 years ago)

Great trader :) [+Rep]

Aristobule (2 years ago)

traded keys, good and trusty +rep

poczta (2 years ago)

[+Rep] Great trader :)

jabrw0k1 (2 years ago)

[+Rep] Great trader!! Thnx11

lAtreyul (2 years ago)

+rep quick trader

freemind6666 (2 years ago)

Friendly trader, thanks :)+rep

Hawking (2 years ago)

+rep, Good trader, Trustworthy!

Tongassx (2 years ago)

+rep Great Trader *2

pongetsonget (2 years ago)

+rep Good Trader

CaptainMorti (2 years ago)

nice and patient trader +rep

gdaniel (2 years ago)

+rep fast and trustable. also very friendly

v3nom (1 year ago)

Great and trustworthy trader. I gave him a game + some pp for a Gw2 key, everything was perfect. +rep

Naporsocapo68 (1 year ago)

Great trader! +rep

arronasu (1 year ago)

nice and reliable trader, thx+rep!

whiteman222 (1 year ago)

nice trader, went first. +rep!

Felover3 (1 year ago)

Nice guy and good trader +rep

ZothOmmog (1 year ago)

Nice, fast and friendly trader, +rep !

Claes138 (1 year ago)

Excellent friendly trade +rep

Gasikowo (1 year ago)

Very nice trader , everything went smooth, +REP

Xyborg (1 year ago)

Great trader. +1

djsuha (1 year ago)

fast and great trader +rep

gvaido (1 year ago)

Good trader :) Thanks for game +rep

LIBshock (1 year ago)

Good and fast trader

Silexz (1 year ago)

Good trader, fast and reliable. +rep

KurtAngle2 (1 year ago)

Excellent trader, fast and very reliable :D