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Israelzi (1 year ago)

good and fast trader :)

Bowka (1 year ago)

Very Nice Treder + REP

AngelThanatos (1 year ago)

Nice and honest trader +rep

coollleer (1 year ago)

Very Nice Treder + REP

binary100101 (1 year ago)

Nice trader ! +rep

Bennyny (1 year ago)

Great trader + rep

Gaco (1 year ago)

Great Trader +rep

piramidesPL (1 year ago)

good trader +rep

oS3 (1 year ago)

Nice and fast trader! +rep

z21 (1 year ago)

good and fast trader +rep

adnanunal (1 year ago)

good trader, no problem...

TheGreenFairy (1 year ago)

Nice and trustworthy, +rep

mariganza (1 year ago)

thx for the trade

Kaneusta (1 year ago)

Nicest trader I traded with so far, +rep

hascho9 (1 year ago)

awesome trader! 100% Trustable

MillBridge101 (1 year ago)

Good and fast trader ;P Thanks man ^^ +Rep :P

Gendal (1 year ago)

Nice trader. Traded a key for a gift. +rep

killersquall338 (1 year ago)

Very nice trader, he trusted me and went 1st with Black Ops 2 + DLC keys +rep! :)

Carlyle (1 year ago)

good trader + 1

fkitty (1 year ago)

Perfect trade.

wanzerotto (1 year ago)

Everything was good, I went first with key and then he send me his key. Smooth! +REP

Tortyfoo (1 year ago)

Great Trader. +rep.

Bigshrimp (1 year ago)

He went first with key and then me with mine. Trade went smooth with no issues. Very trustworthy trader.

Hellraiser2222 (1 year ago)

Great Trader +rep

a6addon (1 year ago)

great and honest trader +rep

zenarcher (1 year ago)

Good trader. Polite, fast, and reliable. Recommended. Thank you.

Dylanman55 (1 year ago)

Fair quick trader. Traded well with keys rep +

Gilt (1 year ago)

+rep quick and easy trade :)

raistlin426 (11 months ago)

Great Trader +rep

jrodri86 (11 months ago)

Excellent trader. +rep

chasenmusky (11 months ago)

Excellent trader, thanks! +rep

JosTheReal (10 months ago)

Good trader +rep

licordesoma (10 months ago)

Great Trader +rep

NosferatuGZ (10 months ago)

Good Trade +rep

sonyk610i (9 months ago)

good trader +rep

arkrista (9 months ago)

Very nice trader! Very fast, friendly and trustworthy!

doolittlesy1 (9 months ago)

Good trader

Santic (9 months ago)

Very friendly and reasonable trader

ArcaneVortex (9 months ago)

Good trader, thanks.

mor0se (9 months ago)

Great trader, fast and friendly +rep