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psydex (2 years ago)

Great trader! REP+

Arendt (2 years ago)

Fast and trusted trader +rep

WhitePony (2 years ago)

Fast and great trader +++rep

Barti12 (2 years ago)

Great and fast thanks...

tameryigit (2 years ago)

fast and good trade.

Cooxthat (2 years ago)

fast trade+

C0rnr4g3 (2 years ago)

Great trader! +rep

cudYnho95 (2 years ago)

+REP !! Trade was smooth !!

grynn (2 years ago)

nice trader +rep

matcarfer (2 years ago)

+rep great trader

WishMaster (2 years ago)

+rep, done fair deal, went smooth and fast , no problems :)

bestmatrix07 (2 years ago)

Fast and good trader !

Shanti (2 years ago)

Fast and trustworthy trader, gave key first when I was hesitant :) +1

DaEistee (2 years ago)

friendly and fast trader +rep :)

Muerte69 (2 years ago)

good trader +rep

spooCQ (2 years ago)

+rep - good trader!

KrisSutton (2 years ago)


lolfarts (2 years ago)

Traded keys with no problem +rep

hockeykiller1 (2 years ago)

nice fair and fast trader he give first key +rep

fortressking (2 years ago)

Went very well, I went first, and still got the game xD, great trader, highly recommend.

codnik (1 year ago)

good trader! +rep

Cristar (1 year ago)

Good trader +++rep

Odyss (1 year ago)

Good, fast and trustworthy trader. +rep

c00L (1 year ago)

Speedy trader.

HellGuard (1 year ago)

fast and smooth +rep

Vonbiff (1 year ago)
  • rep fast trustworthy trader
Timmaeh (1 year ago)

Awesome and fast trader, wanted to go first, but I was faster haha +rep

fenetic (1 year ago)

great trader +rep

Dowis (1 year ago)

Fast trader, went first. +Rep

Buszmen (1 year ago)

Great, honest trader. +Rep

soullessj (1 year ago)

Cool no prob with trade quick and easy

fobbsy (1 year ago)

Great Trader. Trustworthy fast and easy. + Rep

redigost (1 year ago)

Awesome Trader. Reliable and Trustworthy. + Rep

kalasznikow (1 year ago)

nice trader. +REP :)

DoctorAgon (1 year ago)

Awesome trader. Lots of luv and +rep.

gabrieldrs (1 year ago)

nice trader +REP!

SashOK1993ukr (1 year ago)

Amazing and very fast trader +++ rep!!!

USTrader (1 year ago)

traded some keys, very patient +rep!

schwarzerAlbino187 (1 year ago)

went first with PayPal. great trader!

Sirfiszer (1 year ago)

good trade +rep