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orh17 (1 year ago)

amazing trader and nice person ++++rep!

yotta44 (11 months ago)

Very good trader +Rep

M3DOooO (10 months ago)

+rep good trade +good person :)

h0st (10 months ago)

nice trader +rep

kamatchou (10 months ago)

Good and fast trader, recommended +rep

aozero (10 months ago)

+rep good trader

romanmolinablanco (10 months ago)

Good hones trader, went first without hesitating, thanks for the trade +rep

Ross231 (10 months ago)

+rep He sent a legitimate BF4 Key to me for 12 TF2 Keys :)

Congstruct (10 months ago)

Cool guy, nice trade +REP!

nashi99 (10 months ago)

+rep great and fast trader :D he went first :D

HalmyAK (10 months ago)

+rep good trader

Miguel82 (10 months ago)

Plus rep, Good trader

KILLBILL (10 months ago)

Good trader and reasonable prices!! ++rep

Vulgaris (10 months ago)

Great trader. Trustworthy, reasonable and quick!

Nyr7 (10 months ago)

Excellent trader! +REP

gamewanderer (9 months ago)

do you still have the game? if yes, I will buy keys

ChrbechDK (9 months ago)

+rep fast and very good trade

Dankratas (9 months ago)

Thank you! A very helpful trader :)

fasakasa (9 months ago)

+rep nice trader

xpcxpy (9 months ago)

Very good trader and trustable :) good luck sir.

anc (9 months ago)

Amazing trader +rep

Ciechan (9 months ago)

+rep very good and fast trader

FelipeMC (9 months ago)

Friendly and fast trader. Recommended! Rep+

b0Ni (8 months ago)

rep great trader

Fidan038 (2 days ago)

Made a PayPal transaction for CS:GO keys with him, whenever your doing the same way of trading I did then I can assure you that hes extremely trustworthy, friendly guy aswell.

ProToTN (2 days ago)

+rep, trustworthy trader.

gl00my (1 day ago)

Honest trader ;)