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CsM (1 year ago)
  • rep understanding trader
sinergy (1 year ago)

good trader also he is very funny guy +rep

c00L (1 year ago)

Quick trader. He went first. +rep

quijote702 (1 year ago)

Good trader, +rep

geraldnola (1 year ago)

Good Quick Trade! That you! Repped A+++

NoTkn0wN (1 year ago)

+rep fast and fair trader. Have a nice day :-)

quasarballz (1 year ago)

great trader thanx

Arukardo (1 year ago)

Good trader.

Deeta (1 year ago)

Friendly trader (thanks for the trade :D)

indecendence (1 month ago)

Great Trader +Rep

Kriez (1 month ago)

Fast and polite trader. +rep

skycrape (1 month ago)

+Rep, Awesome trader !

Loginn13 (1 month ago)

Good and fast trader :-) +REP

SoundOfNight (1 month ago)

+rep very nice and quick trader

xpactor (2 weeks ago)

+rep nice and reliable trader. he went first also thanks.

JoneSS (1 week ago)

great trader! +rep

AryH (5 days ago)

+rep nice trader