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RagersReplacement (1 year ago)

Nice and smooth trade +rep!

3dwaddle (1 year ago)

Key trade went super smooth. Even went first! +rep!!!

i4d (1 year ago)

Thanks for trade,he send first key JC2,then i send my nuclear dawn,,,,++Rep

Xanda0 (1 year ago)

A very good trader! Easy and fast! +Rep!!

maddd (1 year ago)

fair trader, +rep

Yokuo (1 year ago)

Traded me a GFWL game for my tradable game. He went first, and offered to wait to make sure I could get the game working before he got mine from me. Great trader! +rep

Rudellandy (1 year ago)

Good and fast trader! +rep

TekNicTerror (1 year ago)

Nice trader

DeathGuard89 (1 year ago)

Great trader.. fast and easy

doudemoTed (1 year ago)

Nice Fast trader +rep

cLassEg (1 year ago)

perfect trader! +rep

SkullKid (1 year ago)

Really nice Trader ! I've been through a lot of gaming negotiations with this guy even without the ST or the SG platform and only with our e-mail and chats we greatly accomplished every point ! You are the man +REP

tomgould (1 year ago)

Fast trade thx +rep

gabrieldrs (1 year ago)

Good trader +rep!

KiruHoshino (1 year ago)

Great trader +rep!

jtong2 (1 year ago)

cool trader. +rep

Toddy47 (1 year ago)

Great trader, very friendly +rep

chana15110 (1 year ago)

Good Trader +rep

Benji86 (1 year ago)

Great trader

xarabas (1 year ago)

Nice and reasonable trader, +1 rep

handsometank (1 year ago)

nice and interesting man, thank you

CorneliousJD (1 year ago)

Traded my Nuclear Dawn for trader's Ship package, thanks!

umt1001 (1 year ago)

good trader

ocolus (1 year ago)

+rep! great trader!

SniperEdis (1 year ago)

+rep Great Trader ;)

Anglleos (1 year ago)

Quick and easy trade. ++REP

Bowka (1 year ago)

Very Nice Treder + REP :)

relyonwang (1 year ago)

very good trader! +rep

Blackhammer (1 year ago)

Great trader +rep

fearwarrior (1 year ago)

great trader rep+++

Sakeuon (1 year ago)

Good trader, went fast and smooth. +rep

IamProDotA2 (1 year ago)

rep++ good trader

laivamaa (1 year ago)

Thanks +rep

krasgeorge (1 year ago)

Nice trader!++

DanKnee (1 year ago)

Quick trader.

Zomby2D (1 year ago)

Excellent trader. Trustable. +rep

LucasW (1 year ago)

Fast, smooth and good value for both of us.

MrHmYesQuite (1 year ago)

Quick Trade +Rep

AurimasK (1 year ago)

Great and fast trader. +Rep

HellSpawn (1 year ago)

Great trader, thanks. +Rep.