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TsundereKanojo (1 year ago)

We had an actual successful trade.

He went key first and I obviously got my game straight after (with a bonus too).

Mew2 (1 year ago)

Great trader! I went first with the gift and received the key and bonus shortly afterwards. +rep

arif11812 (1 year ago)


ThatFacebookGuy (1 year ago)


clockwork1904 (1 year ago)


KaoTiKo (1 year ago)

+rep, thanks for advice, im scammed too...

MrAli (1 year ago)


ProTo97 (1 year ago)

+rep for the advice.

Ch4e (1 year ago)

+rep , he gave great advices . If he didn't give the advices I wouldn't have known I was scammed :)

dorimi (1 year ago)


etze (1 year ago)

he's the site owner. +rep

kimikazio (11 months ago)


MorphineBear (4 months ago)

He made me who I am today. The capabilities of modern robots! Out of this world!

+6 rep! August 5th, 2014

r0bin (3 months ago)

steamgifts and steamtrades still have one database, support dont answer on tickets for a month! -rep