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killerklown (2 years ago)

great trade rep+

Duke (2 years ago)

Good trade, thanks man.

Zouk (1 year ago)

Excellent trader! +++rep

Anguss22 (1 year ago)

Great and friendly trader rep++

XiaoLong (1 year ago)

+++ rep
Good and friendly seller -> got the game within few minutes

herpderpalerp (1 year ago)

Got what I asked for!

PrinceKirito (1 year ago)

++rep nice reliable trader.went first with paypal

sinnerinlive (1 year ago)

fast and good trade. He give first, and have no problem. rep+ for good trade, and thank you!

SaiTeadvuse (1 year ago)

good trader. thanks! +rep

Exostenza (1 year ago)

good trader

Nick2011102rus (9 months ago)

nice trader +rep!

Lafours (8 months ago)

good trader, fast and simple +rep

Hugofromstatefarm (8 months ago)

+Rep fast, kind trustful trader. I went first with tf2 keys, he gave me the correct cd code. :)

newbility (7 months ago)

great trader +rep

Cubsterjames (4 months ago)

+Rep Fast and friendly trader

Neffs (3 months ago)

Great , fast and trustworthy guy! Highly Recommended

Baaramewe (3 months ago)

Sexy trade.

isurush91 (3 months ago)

best and fast thanks +rep

agent28ftxtrendy74 (3 months ago)

+rep good friendly quick trader

CapitaoB (3 months ago)

+Rep Great and friendly trader!!!

Cich (2 months ago)

+Rep good and friendly trader

shuda89 (2 months ago)

+rep good trade

kyrillik (2 months ago)

Good trader! +rep

Asmodey700 (2 months ago)

Awesome trader, fast and friendly, smooth trade. +rep!

quadcrash (2 months ago)

Fast trader..2 thumbs up

Killaminator (2 months ago)

+rep fair and nice trader

Sharillon (2 months ago)

fast and nice trader +rep

leekw86 (1 month ago)

smooth trade...thumbs up for you

ozgamer2k (1 month ago)

great trader!

saban (3 weeks ago)

buy keys with paypal, thanks rep+++

Sycnox (2 weeks ago)

+Rep good and trustworthy trader, he sold me 25 dota2 keys, thank you.