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halnco (9 months ago)

Quick and fair trader ++rep

PiotrxV (6 months ago)

Good trader, +++rep

cadrios (6 months ago)

good trader

SashOK1993ukr (6 months ago)

Great and nice trader + rep!

SOBAKA (6 months ago)

+rep great trader

HiddenWoody (6 months ago)

Quick and easy :)

randomguycid2 (6 months ago)

Great trader, polite and quick

mcshrekles (6 months ago)

+rep good trader

whiskeywizard (6 months ago)

Thanks for the trade, +rep

Peroelponcho (6 months ago)

+rep Awesome and fair trader ;)

SuperHorst (6 months ago)

Good & fast trader +rep

Owyne (6 months ago)

Patient, Trustworthy, Friendly and Reasonable trader, +++rep!

mojrzesz122 (6 months ago)

good trader, rep+

Legnar (6 months ago)

Awesome trader, fast and easy +rep

Maslo (6 months ago)

Nice and fair trader. +++rep

DaRKKoNNaN (3 months ago)

Nice trader ^^ He went first and all was ok :P

NomadSoul (3 months ago)

Thanks for the trade. +REP

Tristania (3 months ago)

Great treader <3 thanks a lot

UnforgivenUA (2 months ago)

Great and nice trader + rep!

csabesz123 (2 months ago)

good trader

Egor008 (1 month ago)

+rep good trader!

JeanCFF (1 month ago)

Great and nice trader +REP!!!

K0bra (1 month ago)

Good trader +rep

michieface (1 month ago)

Highly Recommended! +rep

Destroxer (5 days ago)

very nice and fast trader! +rep

ky0shjr0 (4 days ago)

+rep nice and fast trader!