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Ronik (2 years ago)

Great trader, +rep.

zombiepetr (2 years ago)

Great trader! +rep

Seb147 (2 years ago)

Great trader! +rep

iSleepyFTW (2 years ago)

Good trader, no problem, key was working. Recommended.

deadsway (2 years ago)

Good Trader! +rep.

Abxion (2 years ago)

very good trader +rep

frammm (2 years ago)

Good trader, all perfect! +rep

DannyBoi (2 years ago)

+rep, everything went smoothly.

tinman2766 (1 year ago)

great trader +rep

PapyDeimon (1 year ago)

Friendly and good trader!+rep

LeGreenFlop (1 year ago)

trustworthy / friendly +rep

Limewine (1 year ago)

Great trader, i sent my gift first and he gave me a good key, trustworthy and fast trader

KitRamsey426 (1 year ago)

Great trader! +rep

P4INKILL3R (1 year ago)

+1 Nice Trader!

lyaa888999 (1 year ago)

Nice trader. +rep

ysc1324 (1 year ago)

Thanks for trade. Friendly and good trader !! +rep

Cronum (1 year ago)

Good and trust trader,Recommened Trader ++++rep

iklokkj (1 year ago)
  • gooid trader
Zyddie209 (1 year ago)

Bought keys off me with paypal, he went first all good =)

amj1984 (1 year ago)

good trader

zombiemakermx (1 year ago)

nice trader, ty!

copterza505 (1 year ago)

good trader +rep

TTornado (1 year ago)

Great trader, +rep

laaw (1 year ago)

good trade;d

Roo2T (1 year ago)

Good trade.+rep

lonenightwolf (1 year ago)

Great trade quick and easy

peroles (1 year ago)

good trader , fast +11

TYX (1 year ago)

patient trader, +1

Euph0riA (1 year ago)

Very patient trader, bargained a lot! +rep

DFogz (1 year ago)

Great, fast trader, would recommend +Rep

Zorder (1 year ago)

Great and reliable trader, +rep

SadN3rd (1 year ago)

Nice trader, I went first with game keys, smooth transaction followed. +rep

mammut (1 year ago)

Great trader, +rep.

gogicaa97 (1 year ago)

Great trader, safe with keys +rep

turtleban (1 year ago)

quick and awesome trader, would recommend +rep

TGRicky (1 year ago)

+rep Patient, fast trader :)

lordblendi (1 year ago)

+rep!!! fast and great trader!

Spite (1 year ago)

+rep nice and fast trader :D

hhai93 (1 year ago)

+++REP. We did a paypal trade and he went first with his money.

Remedy (1 year ago)

Great trader+rep!