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Dino105 (2 years ago)

Great treader, went first with paypal! + rep

orh17 (2 years ago)

good trader++rep!

Teddite (2 years ago)

Nice simple trade. Thanks!

Kevensi1 (2 years ago)

nice trade +rep

Baschtard93 (2 years ago)

good trader. +rep

Sigma97 (2 years ago)

Great Trader!! ++rep!

Mysterious (2 years ago)

Trade went well, he went first.

Colecaine (2 years ago)

Great trader

Nightmare64 (2 years ago)

Good trader! +rep

blinkdog (2 years ago)

+rep we traded some keys

LoSvelto (2 years ago)

++REP Good trader!

Daryl (2 years ago)
  • rep, fast and fair
epaz (2 years ago)

Great trader, went first with key, +rep

Abdulmannon (2 years ago)

reliable and friendly trader, went first with paypal, +rep

jrodri86 (1 year ago)

Honest trader, went first with key. +rep

gift4u (1 year ago)


finsmart (1 year ago)

everything gone smooth, thanks for the trade bro =)

tommytomtoo (1 year ago)

tried to scam me

jabrw0k1 (1 year ago)

Great trader, sent key to me first, everything went perfectly! +rep

Peroxide (1 year ago)

Traded a bunch of keys, quick and easy trade +rep

AlphathanBetta (1 year ago)

Good trader, nice and friendly +1

Vurczi (1 year ago)

Good and friendly trader, quick trade! +rep

NightIsYoung (1 year ago)
  • rep, very good and generous trader.
LUKYNOfyi (1 year ago)

Thanks for the trade. Very patient guy :) +rep

josgba2002 (1 year ago)

Great trader. Thanks! +Rep

Wiplash78 (1 year ago)

good trader ++rep

TheMegaenna (1 year ago)

Great trader, patiend and friendly +rep!

LostStarGazer (1 year ago)

Woo finally got a trade after a few weeks XD great, friendly, trustworthy +rep