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guckzilla (2 years ago)

Awesome and trust guy :D thanks for the trade +rep.

ShinGreyFox (2 years ago)

Good and trustful trader! Go first! Rep+

Tharbakery (2 years ago)

Good, easy trusted trader! +rep

Carlmundo (2 years ago)

Great trader, paid with PayPal +Rep

rulebadrob (2 years ago)

great trader A++

AngelThanatos (1 year ago)

Very nice trader. Friendly, patient and fast. +rep

demodash (1 year ago)

quick easy trade +rep

zerohatayama (1 year ago)

friendly and fast.. +rep

xXSAFOXx (1 year ago)

+rep,respectful and fast trader

SATANAVES (1 year ago)

+666rep;) good trader. He went 1st

jordekid (1 year ago)

good guy traded a key and worked all good!!!

destructobg (1 year ago)


Pisti (1 year ago)


kbca (1 year ago)

+Rep, nice and fast trade!

CrimsonViperScarlett (4 weeks ago)

Awesome trustworthy person and trader, fair trade always. +++rep