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Kunibert (2 years ago)

Don't listen to Pongkee.

InJ3cTiOn (2 years ago)

Good rep, traded 2 by CS:GO. He went first with the first key i gave him my CS:GO tradable copy and he sent the 2nd key + proof of purchase.

Razuto22 (2 years ago)

Awesome trader!! Extremely nice, patient, and respectful :) Highly recommended!! rep+++

Igoryan (2 years ago)

+rep great trader

lunajim7669 (2 years ago)

great trader gave aid when needed

linkbean (2 years ago)

Great trader, went first with key and was very nice +rep

balisticaL (2 years ago)

Thanks for the trade + rep

packypax (2 years ago)

+rep good trader reliable

Dtten (2 years ago)

reliable and patient trader

Eisenzange (2 years ago)

Great trader, +rep

spinefarm (2 years ago)

Great trader +rep

xarabas (2 years ago)

Fast and trustful trader, +1 rep

NIKENIT (2 years ago)

Nice trader, +rep

fade784 (2 years ago)

Awesome trader +rep

Liliofan (2 years ago)

good trader, thx +

Anonycat (2 years ago)

+rep nice trader

Sasuke (2 years ago)

+rep trustworthy willing to go first, nice trader

Kolbear (2 years ago)

Trustworthy trader. +rep.

LookAtMyNewDog (2 years ago)

Trustworthy trader, I went first and everything is perfect, +rep

Barti12 (2 years ago)

Super fast trader ..... Thank you and have fun ..... :-)

Dragonfruut (2 years ago)

Fast and fair trader!

BrokenInamorta (2 years ago)

Great Trader!

ButterBricks (2 years ago)

Traded with this guy many times before. +Rep

mecorx (2 years ago)

Helped get games for me! Thx for Skyrimz!

catadrk (2 years ago)

Good trader.

gkfdtx (2 years ago)

great trader ++rep!!!

Kizsde (2 years ago)

Smooth and fast trader ++rep

raiedash (2 years ago)

This is a great guy to trade with, 100 % trusted and recommended +++Rep

JoWannes (2 years ago)

Thank you for the Borderlands 2 Season Passes. Smooth deal. :) +rep

Lunk (2 years ago)

Quick, friendly, and trustworthy. What more can you ask for in a trader? :) +Rep.

TGRicky (2 years ago)

+rep We did a paypal trade..everything went amazing just as we planned.

MADHadouken (2 years ago)

Nice Trader

Arukardo (2 years ago)

Good trader!

Fikoblin (2 years ago)

Great trader! +rep

Axel12 (2 years ago)

good and fast trader +rep

gokunaruto1 (2 years ago)

Super quick trader, +rep

tomatoveli (2 years ago)

great trader, lightning fast, he is finished more quickly than even my husband! +rep

johnxfire (2 years ago)

Amiable trader - really cool guy!

lionhead (2 years ago)

great trader+

Ivyiss (2 years ago)

Smooth trade. Good trader!