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OMJosh (2 years ago)

Great and fast trader, he traded me some tf2 items for a few game keys and he went first +rep

AndrewForce (2 years ago)

a great trader! +rep

2Angelus2 (2 years ago)

good trader)+rep

tazzmaniac (2 years ago)

quick and easy +rep

LinkedKiko (2 years ago)

Great and Fast trader! +rep

Phanto90 (2 years ago)

Great trader :] Went first!

taykill (2 years ago)

Very good trader. +rep ^^

lionhead (2 years ago)

+++++++great trader

Kidades (2 years ago)

Good trader, he went first, +rep

TigerDRena (2 years ago)

good trader ^^ +rep

blinkdog (2 years ago)

+trust gift/key trade no problems thanks

Spammathon (2 years ago)

++ rep! :3 trustworthy. I went first!

KraQuen (2 years ago)

Good trader +rep

AkinoX (2 years ago)

Great and Trustable Trader +rep

crazydog (2 years ago)

Good TRADER!! +rep

Azx619 (2 years ago)

Really fast, good trader.

owata (2 years ago)

Good Trader + rep

KaSTiEeL (2 years ago)

Nice trader! +rep

MajorasMoon78 (2 years ago)

Great trader, +rep

imaaronbro (2 years ago)

Good Trader +Rep

Palesz (2 years ago)

Good trader +rep

cybertrance (2 years ago)

calls me an idiot in chat after declining his sharky offers and now giving me negative her ein steamtrades and calling me scammer, I never scammed anyone; this is al lie!!!! but ther eu see wwith what a bad guy u trading here, dont trade with him

Vectorchan (2 years ago)

Nice trader. +rep

dyk1981 (2 years ago)

Good Trader + rep

Paxwin (2 years ago)

Good trader, you can trust him :) +rep!

ADFSkiLL (2 years ago)

Friendly Trader :) +rep

Nere (2 years ago)

Good and fast trader, +rep.

Haydo (2 years ago)

Awesome, patient trader. +rep.

mL (2 years ago)

Very good and fast trader, +rep =)

makeyeu (1 year ago)

reliable trader +rep

Aniston (1 year ago)

Nice and smooth trade +rep

Goldentank (1 year ago)

+rep Good trader. Would trade again!

chopper97 (1 year ago)

Good trader, fair as well

crackhead (1 year ago)

fast trade +rep

xxmickmasterxx (1 year ago)

Nice guy +rep

Morbus1982 (1 year ago)

Awesome and patient person! Everytime again! +rep

Enclear (1 year ago)

Good trade, went first with pmt and i followed with game bundle, +rep

Roo2T (1 year ago)

kept his promises. good trade. +rep

winndixie (1 year ago)

good trader)+rep

Tinman387 (1 year ago)

Patient and trustworthy trader! +Rep